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Your Customers Time

Not many things are as valuable to your customers as their time.

Google Page Speed

In a universe where all of the information they could ever need is just a click away, why would they spend time waiting around for information? If your website is slow, this could mean bad news for you. By operating a slow site, you’re potentially driving customers away from your site – and even worse, to your competitor’s site, which could cost you big.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can ensure that your site stays swift. First and foremost, test your site using free tools like Google PageSpeed Insights. Most site speed tests will give you an indication as to what areas of your website are the slowest, so before you move on, make sure your optimization blueprint addresses these speedbumps.

Once you’ve pinpointed which areas of your site need the most optimization, the next step is to form a plan of attack. Start with the front end of your site: are there any areas that could be reorganized? Can you ditch any old plugins and replace them with mobile-friendly HTML5? Restructuring your front-end code can shed bloated, old code off your site, which can decrease overall load times.

Once you’ve tackled your front-end problems, take a look into any back end issues. Cache any static content from your site to reduce redundant loading. Minify any code to strip it of any unnecessary characters without removing any vital code. Finally, consider hosting your website on scalable hosting infrastructure to ensure that in the event of a traffic spike you’ll be able to increase your website resources accordingly.

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The below graphic from cloud-hosting company SingleHop compiles some additional site speed best practices. Today’s online customer has an innumerable amount of options and very little patience – optimizing your website’s speed can ensure that your site is the one they stick to.



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Your Customers Time
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Your Customers Time
By operating a slow site, you’re potentially driving customers away from your site - and even worse, to your competitor’s site, which could cost you big.
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