Why Mobile Marketing For Your Law Firm?

In today’s fast-paced world, the current buzzword of the day is connectivity. So much of what we do and how we interact happens in virtual space. Thus, it’s no longer enough to be connected while at home or at work. Thankfully, mobile technology allows us access to our many personal and professional networks while on the go, not to mention allowing us unprecedented access to information on goods and services.

Mobile Marketing For Law Firms

Now is the time to ask yourself if your law firm is capitalizing on all that this access has to offer. You no doubt enjoy the ease of communication between members of your firm and with your clients that your cell phone or tablet allows for, yet have you considered the potential that this technology presents for reaching an even greater audience of would-be clients?

Examining the Need for Immediate Assistance

Consider the following scenarios:

  • A woman visiting from out of town slips on a drink split outside of a hotel’s guest lounge. A sharp pain is now radiating along her lower back. She’d like nothing more than to simply hail a taxi and head to the nearest hospital to be checked out, yet the hotel manager is insisting that she sign a release form before doing so.
  • A young mother is waiting with her three children inside of her minivan at stop light when another car hits her from behind. There’s damage to the back of her car, but not significant enough that she couldn’t drive it home if she had to. The children have been upset by the accident, and the other driver is insisting that the damage isn’t so bad that the two of them couldn’t just exchange numbers and come to an agreement on the repair costs without involving their insurance companies.
  • A father on his way to airport gets a frantic call from his wife. Their teenage son has been named by a fellow classmate as having been involved in selling marijuana at his high school. Policemen are now at their home wanting to look through his room for any drug paraphernalia.
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In each of these situations, those involved need legal advice and assistance that you may able to provide, yet the pressure of the moment doesn’t allow them the time to research what their legal options may be. What they need is a way to find you through the devices that they have on hand.

Where and When Your Ads Benefit You

If you’ve placed an added emphasis on mobile marketing, then your firm’s banner ads and external links will be among the first things that these people when conducting their smartphone or tablet searches. Given the urgency of their situations, they’re much more likely to click on those ads than to scroll through the results of an organic search. Even if they don’t choose to secure your services on that initial visit, employing strategies such as retargeting ensures that your name stays fresh in their mind as they work towards a resolution to their problems.

The question of whether or not you should go mobile is no longer relevant; rather it has become when are you going to do it. You could be missing out on access to an ever-expanding virtual stream of clients that needs the legal protection that you can provide in this very instant. You simply can’t afford to wait for them to go home and look you up on online. Fortunately, BusinessCreator has the tools and expertise needed to optimize your online content for the mobile environment. Let us help you take full advantage of all that mobile marketing has to offer your firm.

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Why Mobile Marketing For Your Law Firm?
Article Name
Why Mobile Marketing For Your Law Firm?
The question of whether or not you should go mobile is no longer relevant; rather it has become when are you going to do it.
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