Why Local Search Marketing Beats Direct Mail Every Time

If you simply had to start generating new sales opportunities for your business today, as lots of owners and managers who come to us do, would you want to rely on Internet marketing and local search or something more traditional like printed direct mail?

Local Search Marketing

Many established and conservative businesses would choose direct mail, since they are more familiar with it and it has a much longer track record. However, that would also be the wrong choice every time.

We know this because we work with all kinds of businesses every day, and see the effects that a well-designed and implemented local online marketing plan can make. Here are just a few of the biggest reasons you’re likely to see much better results from the kinds of local search marketing campaigns we build:

We help you find customers that were already looking for you. People refer to direct mail as “junk mail” for a reason – most of it isn’t very targeted, or even applicable, to its recipients. Instead of blindly contacting people who might have a need for your products or services, wouldn’t it be better to put your business in front of men and women who are already actively looking for what you provide? With online marketing and local search, that’s exactly what we accomplish.

We believe in efficiency, not waste. There isn’t any room for waste in today’s economy, and yet a lot of businesses use outdated techniques (like direct mail) with little regard for the time, money, and resources they are throwing away. These can include the actual printed sheets and envelopes, of course, but also mailing costs and time that has been squandered by pestering people who are never going to buy from you. Shouldn’t you be getting the most from every dollar you spend on marketing?

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It’s easier to measure the results from Local Search Marketing campaigns. Direct mail pieces, especially flyers and postcards, are notoriously hard to track because you can’t always figure out where new leads and sales are coming from. Even if you include things like coupon codes or promotions, you never know whether the original recipient is actually your customer, how long they waited to respond, etc. With online advertising, though, you don’t just get instant results, you also get instant feedback. That means you can be sure what parts of your campaign are performing the best, and worst, at any given moment.

Local Search Marketing campaigns have lasting effects. Because the social nature of online marketing and local search encourages new customers to connect with you and leave reviews, the effects of your local search marketing campaigns can often be felt for years. Direct mail, on the other hand, often focuses on quick discounts and transactions, meaning you have to repeat the entire process all over again if you want to generate new leads and sales in the future.

When you care about the kinds of leads and sales you’re actually generating from your marketing campaigns, a local search marketing campaign should be your clear first choice. Why not call us today and see how we can help your company grow?

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Why Local Search Marketing Beats Direct Mail Every Time
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Why Local Search Marketing Beats Direct Mail Every Time
When you care about the kinds of leads and sales you're generating from your marketing campaigns, a local search marketing should be your first choice.
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