Tips for Getting Stronger Local SEO Results

Local SEO strategies have the potential to significantly boost your business’s online visibility, especially if you already have an existing website. These are also some tips that you can implement in order to get a consistently strong return on the time and money you have invested in making your online presence optimized for search engines and search engine users.

Make Sure Your Business is Included in Local Listings

Though the same principles hold true for standard SEO and local SEO, if you intend to pursue local SEO visibility then there are few extra steps that need taken in order to make your businesses truly accessible to potential customers. Local business listings are managed by Google, Yahoo, and a number of other major online entities. These listings function as directories of all the businesses operating in a particular city or town. Getting your business listed in one of these directories is simple. You just need to meet four criteria:

  • Have a registered business name (or a DBA)
  • Have a local phone number
  • Have a physical address
  • Conduct business face-to-face with your customers and clients

Once you provide all the relevant information to the local business listings that you wish to use, your business’s name and contact information will appear in connection with relevant search engine results.

Create Citations

Citations are instances where your business’s name, address, and phone number appear together in the same place. For instance, if you add your business to a local business listing with Google, then you have one citation. If you add your business to other local business listings, to the online directory of your Chamber of Commerce, and to an online directory produced by your local phone book publisher then you have many citations. Citations will help get you noticed by search engines and by local customers.

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Give Your Content a Local Touch

Crafting search engine-friendly content is a central part of SEO strategy deployment. A plumbing supply shop might include phrases such as “quality plumbing supplies” in their copy, headings, and metadata. Though effective, this phrase does not distinguish one good plumbing supply shop from another. This phrase can be made more specific, and thus more effective, by the addition of the name of the city or town your business is located in. That way customers searching for plumbing supplies in your city will easily find your business through a search engine.

A little extra creativity is called for when crafting local SEO content for businesses in large urban areas and remote townships. Large urban areas are often home to a number of smaller communities, each with their own name. If your service area includes these municipalities, then be sure to include their names in your copy. Businesses in small communities far from urban centers can include the names of the nearest center of business or seat of government. Just be accurate when listing the areas you serve. Including the name of a municipality that you do not serve is inaccurate and could lead to negative customer interactions.

Perfecting local SEO techniques takes a little practice but has the potential to deliver highly focused results. Customers will have an easier time locating your business on the Internet and will be quicker to call the next time they require your services.

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Local SEO strategies have the potential to significantly boost your business’s online visibility, especially if you already have an existing website.
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