Three Essentials for Internet Marketing Success and Lead Generation

Many people are under the misconception that the Internet is a great place to make millions overnight.  Businesses on major e-commerce platforms frequently focus on the best way to save a quarter per transaction by using less expensive packing materials.  Businesses strictly online are frequently designed around a concept that could maybe make some quick money.  It is important to step back from the online nature of e-commerce.  Think about a new business and marketing strategy as a standalone concept.  Come up with a great idea first.  Invest in aggressive lead generation tactics later.

Essential #1: Be Passionate About Your Business

Successful businesses are typically started by passionate entrepreneurs.  Start a business as a way of living, a dream, and a labor of love.  Find something you are passionate about.  If you want to try to make millions overnight, play the lottery.  Start a business if you have found something you would love to talk about all the time.  Talk to people about your passion on social media sites.  Write about what you are passionate about on blogs.  And, go from there.

Essential #2:  Have a Solid Business Plan

You should outline marketing efforts in the first draft of your business plan.  Write a comprehensive business plan, and take necessary time to think about logistical issues you might not have thought of before.  Crunch the numbers, and do all necessary projections.  Remember the cardinal rule of business: do not run out of cash.  Have the resources you need to start and grow your business.  Know how you will generate leads.

Essential #3: Knowing Instead of Guessing

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Online marketing provides unprecedented opportunities for unconventional market research.  Collect user data.  Find out what people are interested in.  Know what your target audience wants before they do.  Know how to generate the right leads instead of guessing.  Also, know the pricing structure you need to close sales and drive ROI.

Generate Leads Online

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