What Does It Take to Get Ahead in Local Search Engine Optimization?

Local search engine optimization – the process of having your business be found online by buyers in your neighborhood – is a huge trend right now, and for great reason: Google tells us that more than 80% of all inquiries from its home page have some sort of location element to them. And even for the ones that don’t, the major search engines factor in the user’s geography, anyway.

But for all the great focus on this marketing method, there is a little bit of confusion about the best way to take advantage. Getting ahead in local SEO requires more than just putting the name of your city and a few places on your website, although that’s not really a terrible place to start. Here are a few other steps you’ll definitely want to take to have shoppers in your city finding you via Google, Yahoo, and Bing:

Add geographic keywords to each page on your small business website. Obvious examples would be your city and street name, along with other more complete keywords, like “Allentown restaurant,” or “Pennsylvania lawyer.”

Get a professional web designer or SEO specialist to ensure that your underlying coding is as effective as it could be. A good portion of search engine optimization always revolves around what you can’t see directly on a webpage – like meta-tags and alternate image text – so you’ll want to make sure these are helping with your local SEO effort , too.

Add maps and driving directions to your site. It’s no good to have people find you online if they can’t locate you in the real world, so make sure your site gives people clear directions to your physical address.

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Register with online directories – whether they’re local or not. Not only might you get referrals from these sites, but it’s a great way to add location-specific inbound links to your small business site, which makes it even more visible to search engines.

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