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Why Local Search Marketing Beats Direct Mail Every Time

If you simply had to start generating new sales opportunities for your business today, as lots of owners and managers who come to us do, would you want to rely on Internet marketing and local search or something more traditional like printed direct mail? Many established and conservative businesses would choose direct mail, since they … Continue reading Why Local Search Marketing Beats Direct Mail Every Time

Local Plus Local Marketing Service

BusinessCreator announced the launch of Local Plus Local Marketing Service for small to medium size businesses, a service created to manage all of the tasks necessary for local search marketing to grow your business. Your customers are now relying on local and mobile search engines and directories to find – and visit – local businesses. … Continue reading Local Plus Local Marketing Service

Looking For New Clients?

Looking for new clients? With our BusinessCreatorPlus program, they find you. Our solutions include: maximizing local marketing search engine ranking content marketing web site design evaluation-we fix $500 websites competitive analysis text and code optimization identifying keywords that drive quality traffic to your website social marketing video production and video seo website usability and conversion … Continue reading Looking For New Clients?

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