Seven 2016 Mobile Strategies You Need to Know

Mobile marketing is expanding at an alarming rate. By 2019, mobile advertisement expenditures are expected to account for 72 percent of the world’s overall digital advertisement costs. In 2015 alone, mobile ad revenue jumped by over $2 billion. Last year, we witnessed the advent of many innovative marketing solutions. In 2016, humble beginnings will sail smoothly. Mobile wallets, video advertisements and rich social media schemes will take off.

Check out the strategies destined to win in 2016, and find out why industry experts are preferring mobile over pastime winners. While every strategy takes time to formulate, execute and grow, several will surpass the rest.

One: Prioritize Mobile Digital Media

In past years, desktop was the central hub of digital media. As of July 2015, however, mobile digital media surpassed desktop usage. Mobile media accounted for 51 percent of usage, whereas desktop media accounted for 42 percent. MMS platforms, social media advertising and even app-based options are sweeping the world, and they’re dominating the modern business climate.

Two: Embrace In-App Advertisements

Experts have speculated on the effects derived from Apple’s iOS 9. It’ll block mobile web advertisements, prompting the prioritization of in-app ads. Consumers are becoming more accustomed to mobile web, and they’re turning away from “traditional” pop-up ad experiences. Apple’s ad-blocking software is pushing mobile publishers to apps, creating dynamic experiences capable of capturing the consumer.

Three: Get Ready for Social Mobile Commerce

While mobile wallets are still gaining traction, social mobile commerce is taking off. In previous years, smartphones served consumers by providing product reviews, procuring coupons and creating an immersive buying environment. Now, mobile accounts for 35 percent of all e-commerce. Brain-child apps, like Pinterest’s Buyable Pins and Instagram’s new Shop Now are leading consumers into purchase-centric social engagements. Much of social media engagement takes place via mobile, and the new world of social-centric purchases will, too.

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Four: Adopt SMS Automation

Experts predict a 40 percent revenue growth rate increase in the SMS marketing world. Automated services have made SMS marketing incredibly intuitive, giving marketers the freedom to engage consumers with one-on-one approaches. Gone are the days of spam texting. Modern technology has streamlined outreach strategies, enabling the use of QR codes, on-location discounts, integrative feedback and even rich multimedia campaigns.

Five: Get Involved with Mobile Coupons

Speaking of text-based deals, mobile coupons have garnered a lot of attention in 2015. In 2016, mobile coupon use is expected to take off. 44 percent of consumers are already interested in receiving digital coupon deals via mobile. If your brand can offer timely, relevant offers, it’ll prosper within an automated platform.

Six: Get Ready for Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are coming. Actually, they’re already here, they’re just gaining traction. 80 percent of Apple Watch owners make payments exclusively with Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay, too, is gaining popularity in the mobile marketing world. Mobile wallets are incredibly versatile, and they’ll soon be expected at brand locations. If your company can offer mobile wallet solutions before its competitors, it’ll thrive in the business world.

Seven: Connect Your Channels

2016 will be a year of connectivity. In fact, 83 percent of mobile users state they place importance on seamless cross-platform experiences. Wearables have created the trend, but consumers, themselves, will see it through. Your brand needs to incorporate a responsive mobile design, and it needs to facilitate the buyer’s ability to move from tablet to smartphone, and from smartphone to smartwatch. Each e-commerce strategy, similarly, should be consistent and cohesive.

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Mobile marketers in 2016 will thrive on the user’s want to cross borders, engage new platforms and experiment. Draft a mobile marketing plan able to house the always-moving consumer, and reach them on social media, through text, on email and on your mobile webpage.

What’s Next?

What do you think of what I’ve covered so far? Will you start your mobile marketing campaign?  I would love to read your comments below.

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Sophorn Chhay

Sophorn is the marketing guy at  Trumpia, the most complete SMS software with mass text messaging, smart targeting and automation.

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Seven 2016 Mobile Strategies You Need to Know
Check out the strategies destined to win in 2016, and find out why industry experts are preferring mobile over pastime winners.
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