PPC – Retargeting

Pay Per Click

Pay per click advertising is usually the most effective and profitable form of marketing available to online businesses. The reason for this is that, as the name implies, pay per click advertising only charges you for the actual clicks that you receive. What this effectively means is that you won’t be charged for adverts that aren’t effective in getting seen or getting clicked. As a result, PPC provides you with a way to get completely free exposure as well as to generate highly targeted traffic to your website, landing page or brand.

How PPC Works

The main PPC network that most businesses will use is Google AdWords. This platform allows you to advertise directly on Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) meaning that your site will appear right at the top of the list as one of the ‘sponsored links’. This means that when your visitors see your advert, they will have actively searched for a related term rather than seeing it while they are passively searching the net.


The big advantage of this is that it means your traffic is both targeted and highly receptive. In other words, they’re interested in what you’re offering and they’re also looking for it at that time.

It’s also possible to use PPC advertising on specific websites using a network like Google AdSense, through Facebook using Facebook ads, or on other search engines like Bing. When you contact BusinessCreator, we will discuss these various options with you to help you identify the best networks for your specific brand and goals.

Adwords Management Using Artificial Intelligence

We use a mixture of Machine Learning and Human Actions on your Google Adwords Campaigns to maximize your ROI.

Benefits of Our Artificial Intelligence Platform:

  • Automated Budget Optimization
  • Ongoing Quality Score Improvements
  • Suggestions to Add New keywords & negatives
  • Smart budget allocation for optimal performance
  • Real time adjustments to trends & opportunities

We have the right people, best AI and planned approach to ensure your paid search activity is at the forefront of digital innovation.

Our perfect blend of technology and talent enables us to provide you with maximum Return on Investments.

Everything we do is designed to help you achieve Better Results within your Marketing Budget.

What is Website Retargeting?

Bring Visitors Back!

Website retargeting is a strategy that can be used within a smart PPC campaign in order to bring previous visitors back to a website. To achieve this, you will store cookies on the computer of your visitors and will then be able to identify previous visitors and advertise to them again. This way you can reach out to those customers and visitors who showed an interest but didn’t quite convert. This strategy has been shown to be highly effective.

Ad Retargeting

What Makes Great PPC?

A great PPC campaign utilize strategies like retargeting and others such as negative keywords in order to ensure that you are reaching the most highly targeted and receptive audience possible. At the same time, it uses smart ad design which ensures that the only people who click on your adverts are the people who will be interested in buying your products and services.

Often this means just being up-front and honest in your ad text. If you’re selling an eBook for $20, then state the price right in your heading. That way you’ll put off anyone who isn’t interested in paying that much for an eBook – and if they don’t click, you don’t pay.

Start Your PPC Campaign Today!

PPC is incredibly powerful and big companies will invest millions into it because it provides such huge returns. Amazon has been known to spend over a million dollars a day on AdWords, which should give you an indication of just how successful it can be.

To start your highly effective PPC campaign today and start seeing similar returns, get in touch and we’ll discuss your strategy and quote with no obligation.

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