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The 5 Most Important Ingredients of a Local SEO Campaign For Small Businesses

Local search engine optimization is becoming more important by the day, especially as businesses start to catch on and compete for the top spots on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

But, do you know what it takes to actually dominate your local search market? Or, are you like thousands of other businesses who assume that adding a few keywords to your page titles and headings will be enough to attract buyers from your area?

If you aren’t sure how to get started with local search engine optimization, then it’s a good idea to be sure you understand the five most important ingredients of your ongoing campaign:

  1. Location keywords. As you probably already know, Google and the other search engines “read” the text and other content on your business website to determine where it is and what it’s all about. That means you need to have location keywords – like your city, state, or neighborhood – sprinkled throughout different pages on your website. Then, the search engines can take these in conjunction with other information and match you up to buyers in your area more easily.
  2. Dedicated geographical pages. Although adding a few keywords to your site is a good start, you’ll want to go much farther, especially if you have multiple locations. In that case, it makes sense to set up dedicated webpages for each of your stores or addresses. That way, Google and the other search engines can see that you operate in more than one area, and can send traffic from each specific city or neighborhood to your site.
  3. Local reviews. More and more, search engines are indexing information from local review sites (like Yelp) and incorporating them into search results. That means the reviews customers leave for you could help you to be more visible to new buyers. And, it goes without saying that these reviews can do wonders for your credibility and reputation, as well, meaning they can have a strong impact on your sales. So, make sure you’re registered with popular local review sites and encourage satisfied customers to spread the word.
  4. Local inbound links. In the same way that local keywords make your business easier for search engines to identify, so too do links from other local businesses (particularly if they have location keywords in them). For example, having a reviewer link to your site as the “best dui attorney in ‘your city'” makes it more likely that searchers who enter that exact string will find you. And, it helps Google and the other engines to identify where you are located.
  5. Mobile compatibility. Because a lot of customers look for businesses on smartphones and tablets, especially while they are on the go, having mobile compatible website should be a no-brainer. Plus, Google prefers mobile-friendly sites because there is less chance that someone they send there will be disappointed with your formatting. The bottom line? Make sure your site can be viewed on mobile devices if you want local search traffic.

Who has the time?

In this time of constantly changing algorithms or rules of ranking employed by Google and to a lesser extent Bing, local search optimization is more important than ever or you risk losing out to your competitors. Google has made it clear it will continue to “perfect” its search results, making it more difficult to rank well in local search.

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