Scripts and Transcripts for SEO Video

SEO video content is ultimately about the video – right? Actually, though the video is the centerpiece of this particular form of SEO content, like any specialized form of content there are actually a number of other careful choices and strategic development that goes into supporting that central element. So even though a piece of video content will help the page it is on see increased traffic as the content climbs the ranks of search engine results pages, this does not occur simply because it is a video. In other words, even though a piece of video content is likely to be judged as more relevant by search engine algorithms, two similar videos are likely to have very different positions on that final results page. The reason for this lies in the supportive text associated with the video.

Start With the Script

Your script is going to be a central component of the finished product and it will be a big part of the SEO value of the video content. Specifically, once the script has been used in production it will become the foundation of the transcript. First you will have to fashion a script with an optimal saturation of relevant words and phrases to help you attract viewers looking for your content.

Video scripts are a great place to load a selection of key phrases since even a three minute video can contain several hundred worlds of speech. Just make sure that the dialogue you write is natural and informative.

Preparing the Transcript

The script you write for your video can be used to create a transcript once the video is placed on your website. Transcripts are valued by people who are hard of hearing, who wish to cite an academic resource, or who wish to refer to a video’s contents without rewatching the entire file. They have long been a standard part of the video content produced by news stations and other informational film makers. Now they can be used as an integral part of your SEO strategy.

  • Compare the original script to the final video production. Adjust the script to reflect any changes made to the dialogue in the end product.
  • Include text descriptions of charts, graphs, and images included in the video. Any text added to the video in post-production will have to be added to the transcript as well.
  • Remove any stage direction and production notes that were part of the script. The transcript needs to only reflect the content heard and seen by the audience.
  • Format the transcript for use on the website. You may need to preview the transcript on the page to catch any formatting errors.
  • Place the transcript under a “cut” or in an unobtrusive location. Try to find a happy medium between having the transcript take up a lot of space and making it difficult to find. Sometimes linking to a separate page is helpful though many new websites support code that simply hides the text unless someone clicks a button to make it visible.
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Scripting a video can be one of the most challenging aspects of creating this particular type of content. However, your script and the resulting transcript offer you a lot of text-based content to support your video content. This will help create a more SEO-savvy website.

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Scripts and Transcripts for SEO Video
Your video script is going to be a central component of the finished product and it will be a big part of the SEO value of the video content.
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