Google Is Completely Redesigning Adwords

The now-legacy platform is undergoing a redesign process to make it easier to navigate and use.

Redesigning Adwords

Google announced the start of a major redesign process aimed at rejuvenating the AdWords interface. The last time Google touched up AdWords was way back in 2008.

Is any functionality changing?

No. Unlike the Enhanced Campaigns update, for example, the redesign won’t affect the way campaigns are structured or run. The focus is on updating the way data is displayed and what is shown when.

What are some examples of what’s going to change?

There are a few things that can be gleaned from the Google-supplied screenshot below. In the image on the left, the Campaigns and ad groups are shown in the left-hand navigation, as they are now, but clicking on an individual campaign brings up a dashboard view that Google is calling an “Overview” screen.

Overviews will be available at the campaign, ad group and ad levels. They show a graphical snapshot of performance — kind of like a more narrowly focused and easier-to-read version of the account-level Home screen in AdWords now. In this view, there are four main metrics surfaced with Clicks and Conversions highlighted and charted below. Then there is a Top ad groups snapshot, as well as an at-a-glance view of the performance split across Devices.

Redesigning Adwords

Another thing you’ll notice in the redesign views is that all of the secondary navigation runs along the left side, parallel to the primary navigation. Options such as Locations, Sitelinks and Devices are surfaced in that navigation rather than buried under Settings.

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What’s the timeline for the rollout?

Google says it will be introducing a small number of advertisers to those facets of the redesign that are built starting today. Over the next 12 to 18 months, areas of the redesign will roll out to select advertisers — big and small — for testing and feedback based on the capabilities they’re using. For example, advertisers running video campaigns will see video campaign management views, while others running Shopping campaigns will see that area of the platform.

The goal is to have the redesign fully rolled out to all users by the end of 2017.

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Google Is Completely Redesigning Adwords
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Google Is Completely Redesigning Adwords
Google announced the start of a major redesign process aimed at rejuvenating the AdWords interface.
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