Non-Sequiturs: 03.24.17

* For those of you too busy this week to follow Judge Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing, here’s a nice collection of the highlights by Benjamin Wallace-Wells. [New Yorker via How Appealing]

* SCOTUS confirmation hearings are often compared to kabuki theater; law professor cum novelist Jay Wexler reimagines the Gorsuch hearing as, well, actual kabuki theater. [McSweeney’s]

* Insider trading: it’s not entirely about the benjamins, as therapist and executive coach Andrew Snyder explains. [LinkedIn]

* Is the Second Circuit sitting on juicy information about President Trump’s ties to Russia? [WiseLawNY]

* Law school applicants with high LSAT scores: which schools do they favor? [SSRN]

* Speaking of legal education, what are the secrets to law school success? Vanderbilt 3L Niya McCray shares her thoughts. [Amazon (affiliate link)]

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