Morning Docket: 04.10.17

* According to reports, Donald Trump is “obsessed” with his next possible Supreme Court nomination, and it seems like the president is trying to use their sons’ friendship to remain in Justice Kennedy’s good graces — after all, he’s banking on the high court’s swing justice to retire. [POLITICO]

* The new year has not been kind as far as employment in the legal profession is concerned. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the legal sector took a beating in March, losing about 1,500 jobs. This is the third month in a row that the legal sector has lost jobs. Ouch. [Am Law Daily]

* Ajit Pai, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, is planning to repeal Obama-era landmark net neutrality rules in the hope of internet providers volunteering to maintain an open internet, and then binding them to compliance through their terms of service. Let’s see how well this works out… [Reuters]

* Remember Shon Hopwood, the bank robber who won a SCOTUS case as a jailhouse lawyer, went to law school, and clerked for the D.C. Circuit? He’s got a new job as a Georgetown Law prof. Talk about a remarkable career path. Congrats! [Seattle Times]

* “SCOTUS judge, feminist icon, Bubby. Notorious.” Believe it or not, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg won a March Madness bracket. Click the link to see what we mean. [Jewcy]
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Source: Daily Dose of Law

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