How to Get Started With Mobile Marketing

In the last year or two, we have reached an interesting tipping point when it comes to mobile web marketing. On the one hand, the majority of small businesses realize the potential that comes with reaching their customers through smartphones and tablets (which we are almost permanently attached to these days). On the other hand, though, most aren’t sure exactly how to begin with mobile marketing… or even if it’s feasible and affordable in the first place.

Mobile Marketing

The second part of that question, at least, is easy to answer – mobile marketing is accessible and affordable, especially if you’re trying to reach customers within your local area.

The issue of how to get started isn’t exactly more complicated, but it might be more nuanced. That’s because there are a couple of details that have to be considered. To see why that’s the case, let’s look at the three major steps that are involved:

First, you assess your mobile presence and your customers’ mobile usage. In other words, you want to look at things like whether your current website works with mobile devices, as well as what percentage of your current and potential visitors come to you via web-ready devices. The more of them that you have (or can attract), the more important it is that you implement mobile marketing strategies quickly and thoroughly.

Then, you find the right entry point for mobile marketing. In some cases, this could just be a responsive version of your current business website that adapts for mobile users. Or, if you get a large portion of your traffic from smartphones and tablets, it might make sense to opt for a dedicated mobile website. You could also consider putting tools like specialty apps, mobile-compatible email, and dedicated mobile ads together to expand your reach.

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And finally, you build gradually from there. For most businesses, it makes sense to begin with basic elements that have low cost and a high potential for success. After that, you can measure the results and start to add other pieces of the puzzle into the mix. For instance, if your mobile-friendly website begins to gather traffic, experiment with emails, or consider adding an app that’s branded to your company. You don’t want to do too much too soon, but you shouldn’t ignore the opportunities that exist with mobile marketing, either.

Because mobile web technology is still relatively new and growing, it’s easy to see why so many business owners assume that it must be complicated, too. However, the same principles that allow you to draw in customers from your website, or even offline, still apply. And as always, things get a whole lot easier when you have the right creative team on your side.

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How to Get Started With Mobile Marketing
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How to Get Started With Mobile Marketing
Mobile marketing is easy and accessible especially if you are marketing locally.
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