Mobile Searching Counts

Is Your Mobile Advertising Getting the NearYou Treatment?

There are millions of mobile devices in use every day all around the world. In fact, more and more people are moving way from the desktop and into the world of mobile computing, whether it’s on a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. Of course, searching for things while on the go is also a huge part of mobile computing. That’s why if you want to be found on those mobile searches then you need to make sure your mobile advertising is done right.

Mobile Searching Counts

According to statistics, 12 billion of the estimated 30 billion yearly searches performed on mobile devices, are local searches. That means if you want to be found then you better make sure you are easy to find on mobile searches. In order to do that you need to maximize your mobile advertising. NearYou is a great tool to help you accomplish that.

Local Mobile Advertising

So what is NearYou and how does it work? NearYou is a mobile advertising solution that focuses on local businesses. NearYou uses localized search properties that are aimed at finding mobile devices that are close to a business at a given time. It then delivers targeted ads to those devices that are within a specified range of that company or business. NearYou also allows companies to design powerful ad campaigns with simple-to-use templates. These campaigns can be set to target mobile devices in specific neighborhoods or across several miles, depending on the parameters you set.

What Can NearYou Do for You?

At any given moment there are thousands of potential customers in close proximity to your business, and many of them are using a smartphone or other mobile device. NearYou finds those devices and delivers your ads to them when they are close by. NearYou also ensures that your ads show up on some of the largest and most popular mobile apps and sites. Every time a customer clicks on your ad they are taken to a mobile page regarding your business. They can get directions to your exact location, other important info about your company and a number they can call.

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Why Is NearYou So Valuable?

NearYou offers its customers many benefits, including getting your mobile ads in front of the right people at the right time. Why is that so important? Mobile ad statistics show that 55 percent of all consumers are likely to make a purchase based on a mobile ad they have seen. That means if more people see your mobile ad, then you will most likely receive a greater number of purchasing because of that ad.

NearYou Works

The bottom line in mobile advertising is that you need to find the right target audience at the right time. The closer someone is to your business, the more likely they are to pay you a visit and make a purchase. NearYou helps you accomplish this goal by sending potential customers hyper-local ads that target customers in your area. NearYou enables companies to find new customers in the locations that matter the most to their business.

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Mobile Searching Counts
Our NearYou mobile advertising solution enables companies to find new customers in the locations that matter the most to their business.
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