Maximize Value from Published Content for B2B SEO

The continuity of publishing engaging content is almost always crucial to B2B SEO campaign success. There are a number of ways to maximize return on previously published content without posting duplicate content to optimize allocation of existing resources.  Inactive or outdated sites can be detrimental to SEO marketing campaigns, and allocation of resources to keep a site active with quality content can be challenging.  Creativity is increasingly important when ensuring that B2B SEO campaigns continue to improve.  Top-tier B2B SEO campaigns can be as dynamic as major search algorithms with optimal allocation of in-house resources that truly maximize return.

Content Marketing

White Papers, eBooks, Blogs and Evergreen Content

A good amount of industry-specific content will remain relevant for six months or longer, also referred to as Evergreen Content.  Written content continues to be an instrumental part of general SEO.  Written content can also build or diminish credibility within a niche industry. Looking at content that was last published on a blog a number of years ago can lower site rankings.  Instead of taking the time to develop fresh ideas for regular blog posts, rewrite select content that has been previously published.  Select a single topic from a white paper or select a small section from an eBook and write a simple but proprietary blog post from it.  Old blog posts that still have relevant can also be revamped.  Effective blog posts do not need to be verbose or completely comprised of written content per se.  Instead, effective written content needs to be currently relevant, of top quality, and regularly posted.

Webinars, Professional Presentations, and Video SEO (VSEO)

Enterprises commonly create lengthy webinars and PowerPoint presentations for internal or external use.  Dissecting a webinar or presentation that is two hours in length into a dozen relevant YouTube video clips with a backlink to your site can be more than a way to save in-house resources on VSEO marketing campaigns.  Quality clips from exiting audio and video can be one way to build credibility before interested audience members click on a backlink to your site.  A short clip from a presentation given at a reputable industry conference can be an instant way to generate leads by using simple VSEO tactics such as an optimized title.  Other uses for video clips include encouraging others to sign up for future webinars and the addition of engaging content on a blog.

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Effective Allocation of Resources for B2B SEO

Best practices in B2B SEO outline a comprehensive and continual process.  It is important to note that quality content is key to effective B2B SEO campaigns.  General content or misinformation can have negative impacts such as diminished trust within a niche industry and subsequent lower rankings.  Optimal allocation of resources can maximize ROI while engaging in SEO best practices and improving overall B2B SEO strategies.

B2B SEO Campaign End Goal: Maximize Return on Investment

In the end, B2B SEO campaigns almost always have a single end goal—maximize return.  The multi-tiered and multidimensional process of B2B SEO can be best executed when a comprehensive strategy is initially designed to best allocate resources while continuing to provide top content and build meaningful partnerships and relationships with other enterprises.

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Maximize Value from Published Content for B2B SEO
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Maximize Value from Published Content for B2B SEO
We offer ways to maximize return on previously published content without posting duplicate content to optimize allocation of existing resources.
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