Local SEO and Social Media Marketing for Local Businesses

There is a trend in big data and visibility in internet marketing.  Major social media platforms such as social media networking giants, local business listing services, and blogs grant users the ability to share information about businesses on a large scale.  Google search algorithms have noticed the value of looking at real feedback from real people.  Unlike older methods of black hat SEO, big data from social media is difficult to tamper with.  Google algorithms have access to the big data they need.  And, local businesses can boost site rankings by providing a memorable product or service at their storefronts.

Advantages of Local SEO on Social Media Platforms

Local storefronts stand out, literally.  People frequently wander into a local business without much background information.  In many cases, a good storefront location can promote better site rankings on Google. Local B2C businesses have the chance to increase visibility twofold: offline and online.  In addition, local businesses have the chance to show future online customers and brand advocates what they have to offer.  Social media sites for almost every imaginable niche are user-friendly and readily available to almost anyone with internet access.  Local businesses can create a marketing campaign in which storefront customers interact with the business online and vice versa.

Get Real Buzz from Real Customers

Many customers are eager to share experiences they have had at local establishments with others, both online and offline.  Provide an exceptional experience for customers at your brick and mortar storefront to encourage independent brand advocacy online.  Invest in the bare essentials for an online presence such as an up-to-date website, a mobile website, a Google+ Business page, and a Facebook for Business page.  Use your brick and mortar storefront to boost local SEO and social media marketing efforts.

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Generate Future Leads

Build a powerful presence on search engines, on social media sites, and within your community.  Invest in programs such as BusinessCreatorPlus from BusinessCreator.  We will handle all LSEO efforts and lead generation for you.  Optimize allocation of in-house resources by partnering with the right lead generation specialists.

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Local SEO and Social Media Marketing for Local Businesses
Build a powerful presence on search engines, on social media sites, and within your community.
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