Does Local SEO Make Sense for Your Business?

Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques have been successfully used by all kinds of businesses. Large and small organizations are getting found by search engine users faster than ever and people are now able to find highly specific content with less effort. A new and powerful SEO strategy is emerging to address the service needs of people living within a geographically specific community. While anyone with an Internet connection can search for an online store to purchase a particular item from, this strategy is less useful when a customer requires a service provider. Electricians, plumbers, builders, doctors, veterinarians – anyone providing a service is most likely to be serving the people who live and work in the same community. These are the service providers who most need to be thinking about local SEO.

Recognize Where People Are Looking for You

If you have a standard website, you can incorporate local place names into your visible copy. There are three place names that you can incorporate into the SEO phrases used on your website and other online content:

  • The municipality where your business is located
  • A well-populated municipality near your business
  • A major city center that is within your service area

Selecting which of these three place names to focus on is sometimes a straightforward choice. If no clear selection is evident, pick one and then use another place name in a different piece of content on your site.

Customers Want to Find Your Business

Interestingly, having a strong web presence is not immediately necessary in order to get local SEO strategies to work. Though having a dedicated website of your own is a great way to get noticed, simply having up to date contact information on a regional online phone directory can get your business noticed by search engines. This is one place to begin connecting with local customers.

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Even though customers looking for a service provider can still pick up a phone book to locate the nearest relevant business, online searches for service providers and mobile searches in particular now play a big role in connecting customers with businesses. Business owners need to make sure that their organization is clearly visible to local customers.

Get Included in Local Business Listings

Local business listings are online directories that help users locate service providers within particular geographic regions. These listings can be accessed by people using standard computers or mobile devices like smart phones. Getting listed in these directories is a primary local SEO strategy; completing the process is quite easy and will result in numerous citations.

Applicants wishing to be included in local business listings need to meet four qualifications. First, you have to have a business name or a DBA. You will also need a local phone number, physical mailing address, and to provide face-to-face interaction with customers. If your business meets all four of these qualifications, then you can receive an entry in a local business listing.

Used correctly, local SEO strategies can have strong positive results for a business. Making your business more accessible to the people living within your service area can have long term benefits that continue to pay off. Even without a standard website there are ways to get your business noticed.

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Does Local SEO Make Sense for Your Business?
Local SEO strategies can have strong positive results for a business
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