Local SEO for Enterprises and Small Businesses

Local SEO (LSEO) campaigns can give the local small businesses an edge over their larger competitors.  Google algorithms increasingly alter search results based on GPS user data from mobile devices.  In addition, typical Google searchers increasingly use Google to find establishments in a specific geographic area.  Local SEO can help local small businesses gain the right visibility from the right audience at the right time.

Mobile Search Cannot Be Ignored

Many searchers will use Google Search while on the go.  A number of variables need to be taken into consideration.  Some of the primary variables to consider are listed below:

  • Voice search.  Google Search is still working on algorithms that do not rely on specific keywords, thus in part the Hummingbird algorithm.  Many people that use voice search are on the go and looking for a nearby establishment.
  • Mobile search and e-commerce.  Over half of all Google Searches are from mobile devices in the United States.  Many local businesses will likely never be completely replicated online (e.g. restaurants, convenience stores, boutiques, etc.).  Use your local storefront to supplement SEO strategies for your e-commerce branch.
  • Mobile websites.  Searchers do not want to try to decode a website that is semi-compatible with an iOS or Android platform.  Similarly, Google does not want to promote websites that are semi-functional on mobile devices.

Use LSEO to Drive a Loyal Customer Base Offline and Online with the Right Resources

The backbones of many small businesses are regular customers.  Create a solid foundation and a steady source of income by connecting with the locals.  Be an active part of your community to further drive local marketing efforts, both online and offline.  Consider outsourcing online lead generation by investing in the BusinessCreatorPlus program from BusinessCreator, Inc.  We will gain almost immediate exposure for your brand, and we will continue to provide monthly website optimization, mobile marketing tools, and support ongoing social media marketing campaigns.  The marketing experts at BusinessCreator will help fine-tune your mobile media marketing campaign to optimize lead generation and ROI.
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Local SEO for Enterprises and Small Businesses
Local SEO (LSEO) campaigns can give the local small businesses an edge over their larger competitors.
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