Local Search Happenings From November 2016

What is Happening in Local Search This Month

Local Seach Happenings

  • People have reported that Google is now showing 4 ads above the local packs on mobile devices. If the news coming is indeed true, we will have to hone our AdWords skill.
  • In order to counter Craiglist, Facebook has just launched Marketplace. This is a natural addition for Facebook, as there are many communities that already have active Facebook Swap groups that push out newly listed items via FB Messenger.

Local Seach Happenings

  • Local business can compete in the SERP’s with the help of structured data. Here’s how.
  • It seems like Google is giving preference to fresh reviews instead of old ones. A recent survey revealed that new reviews are shown at the top and is also giving a temporary boost in the rankings.
  • Do you know that you can not demote site links from within the Google Search Console anymore? Well, the reason is that Google understands what’s important on your site. That makes good site structure and internal linking even more important.
  • AMP is going to be the new norm, so it’s better to get on the train than sitting on the side tracks. Here’s a tutorial that can be of some help, also you can get an AMP report from Google here.  Contact us if you want your site to be AMP compliant.  We are going to see Google make AMP a big part of their mobile search ranking components.
  • If you are keeping an eagle eye on the Facebook, you can easily guess that they are trying to push themselves into the local shopping flow. To know what can be the possible outcome, click here.
  • Google has made available the click to message ads in the Google Adwords. It’s an impressive addition in Adwords because most customers will prefer text over call. However, it’s best for the business who can reply to the customers promptly. So before opting for it, you may want to decide whether you can reply quickly.
  • Maybe email marketing looks pretty old school and you doubt whether anybody opens any marketing emails or not. You will be surprised to know that it gives one of the highest ROI in online marketing. Here’s an article by Chad White on the power of email marketing.
  • Better AVVO ratings for lawyers translates to an increased number of calls, so make sure you read some tips from Juris digital on how to increase your AVVO ratings.
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Local Seach Happenings From November 2016
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Local Seach Happenings From November 2016
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