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WARNING: Google Is Shaming Your Website And Telling Your Visitors Not To Trust You...

As we have been reporting for over a year and as reported on CNN (

Google wants to make the Internet safer, and it won't be shy about pointing fingers at sites that don't meet its standards.

In an announcement published to the Google Security Blog on September 8, 2016 and updated on 12/5/16, the search giant said users of its Chrome browser will be warned when accessing non-secure websites, starting January 2017.

Guess what? Firefox and Internet Explorer are also warning site visitors as well.

Users won't be blocked from accessing non-secure sites, but they will be alerted when visiting an address that doesn't use an encrypted connection.

Websites with a "HTTPS" added before the URL indicate an added level of security to normal web browsing, compared to visiting a non-secure "HTTP" connection. This guarantees users are reaching the website they intend to visit, and the extra security protects them against hackers.

"When you load a website over HTTP, someone else on the network can look at or modify the site before it gets to you," Google explained in the statement.

We have spent the last year developing a low cost, highly secure technology for WordPress sites with the goal of ensuring our WordPress clients have a secure site.

  • 100% Google Compliant: Don't let your site get "slapped" by Google's "Not Secure" warning.
  • Save A TON Of Money: You won't need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars yearly on SSL certificates and labor costs to install the SSL. One-time $249 setup fee and small $50 annual renewal is all it costs. This is 2,048 bit encryption at a fraction of the price!
  • Go Green: Make your site go from HTTP to green HTTPS in minutes. Visitors will trust your site and that leads to increased conversions.
  • Site Hosting: Move your site to the Amazon cloud for less than you think. If you move your site hosting to us and Go Green (secure it with the SSL offer above), we will give you three (3) months of FREE hosting and a dedicated ip address. Monthly cloud hosting is only $20 per month with the dedicated ip starting the fourth (4th) month.

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  • 100% SSD Drives-gives your data the power to travel faster than ever before. Enjoy more speed, faster loading sites, higher ranking (Google likes sites that load quickly), and greater reliability.
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  • Tech support available 24/7 is standard
  • Hosting for WordPress and Non-WordPress (html) sites
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  • Easy to use cPanel
  • Free site transfers

Secure Website Hosting

How secure is your website?

51% of websites were hacked via a security don't want to be banned by Google when it detects malaware on your site.

  1. We add 57 layers to secure you website
  2. We scan all of your plugins
  3. We automatically update plugins

Your website content can be permanently deleted when you get hacked.

Hackers can inject viruses or other malware into your website, saddling you with expensive and time-consuming cleanup tasks, not to mention the stress of having your website down.

Google can ban your website forever!

Hackers can steal your contacts and shower them with spam. Whether your website has 100's or 1,000's of subscribers, a hacker will have access to all of them with just a few click of a mouse button.

Our cloud hosting service, Amazon Secure Extreme, adds 57 layers to improve your website security.

How much would you lose if your law firm website shut down RIGHT NOW?

We include simple, dependable and trustworthy Amazon Backup. Backup your site quickly and easily in just minutes.

Save time, money and worry knowing your data, content and all of your customizations can be accessed at a moment's notice when needed.

Our proprietary backup system quickly backs up ALL of your data and stores your backups securely. And should the need arise...restore your website FAST and with virtually no data loss at all-quickly and easily from your dashboard.

3 months FREE hosting on the Amazon cloud if you move your site to our hosting service AND Go Green (secure it with the SSL offer above).

We will give you three (3) months of FREE hosting and a dedicated ip address. Monthly cloud hosting is only $20 per month with the dedicated ip. Hosting fee doesn’t start until the 4th month after you sign up!

Ready to secure your site and incidentally increase your Google rankings (remember, Google loves fast loading sites AND secure sites-both of which we believe are ranking factors). Added benefit and cost savings come from a greater ROI from you marketing dollars!

Contact us and one of our Secure Hosting Experts will contact you. Better yet, call our Toll Free number 1-855-943-8736.