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Why your business needs QR codes

What's a QR Code? WHERE YA BEEN?

Now you can use your own QR CODE to bring your invitations and event announcements into the 21st Century!

With a quick scan using any smart phone, your friends, relatives and co-workers can be taken instantly to your favorite Social Media destination (like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube) and find out more about your upcoming party or event!

They can post pictures and comments, RSVP, share your event with friends, all making your event a big success!

A man is standing in a store’s aisle. He appears to be deciding between two products. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees a small, postage stamp-sized code next to one of them. He whips out his smartphone and scans it. It’s a coupon. Score! He picks the product off the shelf and decides to purchase it.

SMM QR code - QR Codes

The small code he saw was a QR code, short for quick response code. They are two-dimensional, square bar codes that quickly link the user back to content like a website, a coupon, or a video among others. It’s an interactive way to draw in customers. It’s the newest frontier in mobile marketing.

A business can use a QR code to attract a customer to their website, a special promotion, a coupon, a video or anything that is part of their marketing plan.

At first, it may have appeared that QR codes were just a trend (for people with smartphones, right?), but they experienced growth of over 4,500% from 2010-2011.  That’s astounding marketing potential for your business! Maybe that’s why you see them everywhere now: magazines, signs, newspapers, boxes, envelopes, even websites! Everyone is using a smartphone and everyone is jumping on board!

If your business hasn’t designed a QR code, you may be missing out on an exciting opportunity to engage customers. And with growth like that, it’d be nearsighted not to!

Of course, there ways your small business can use QR codes for more than attracting customers. It can become a part of your branding.  Almost anyone can make a generic-looking QR code, but not everyone can design a beautiful QR code that is synonymous with your brand from the first glance.

We can help you create a QR code by adding your logo, color, or another image that defines the essence of your business. Your code will be as recognizable as your business, which will ensure it develops a loyal following.

Chances are if your customers aren’t busy snapping up your QR codes, they are finding those of your competition. Don’t let that happen, let us design your custom QR code today.

Custom QR Codes

We Turn Your Logo & QR Code Into A Marketing Masterpiece!

Since their inception, the QR Code has swept across Asia and Europe and now the U.S. and Canada. The QR Code has become increasingly popular-and useful-for all types of mobile content deployment. Although they are initially generated in black and white, the QR Code can be easily customized to create an irresistible enticement for consumers!

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Custom QR Codes can be designed in a variety of layouts to bring your brand to life!

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Business Cards now become the NEW COOL interactive experience!

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Your customers are mobilized, are you?

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