Power Business Builder

Pay Per Call Lead Generation Program

A pay per call lead generation program designed specifically for small businesses.

We utilize our experience in Keyword Research, Video Marketing and Social Marketing to bring Lead Generation To A New Level


We Generate Leads For You For Less Than PPC or Other Bidding Systems!


  • Pay Per Call NOT Per Click
  • NO Setup fees
  • NO Escrow accounts to maintain
  • NO Payments in advance
  • NOT a bidding Pay Per Call program like so many other Pay Per Call programs
  • This is NOT a PPC program-we do not compete with any PPC program you are currently running
  • Exclusive leads-each lead is only sent to one business of your type in your market area!
  • We only count quality calls
  • No chasing leads like other lead generation programs
  • 2 minute buffer
  • Pay Per Click costs hundreds to thousands of dollars each month with NO GUARANTEE your PPC campaigns will be effective.
  • PPC Cost Per Lead is unpredictable!
  • We do NOT count solicitation or duplicate calls
  • We DO NOT count calls outside your service area
  • No long term contract and campaign to campaign billing
  • You are in control of quantity of leads

Where do you want new customers?

We customize your coverage area by targeting your service area all the way down to the zip code level.

Statewide? National? NO PROBLEM! We can get you leads.

What services do you provide?

We place you in all the appropriate categories using the correct keywords for your service type and service areas and deliver calls and leads that match those criteria.

Power Business Builder...What Is It?

  • Our Power Business Builder is a unique marketing program designed for small businesses. Our team of internet marketing professionals officially launched the program after test phases in January of 2016. Ever since that time, businesses that have signed up for our program continue to renew and enjoy the results that each is receiving.
  • It truly is a no brainer when it comes to lead generation marketing.
  • Your business pays nothing until we get your phone to ring.
  • Expect quality calls month in and month out.
  • The leads are exclusive to your business. Our services are exclusive to you-each campaign is only provided to one business type for your service area.
  • They call you!
  • Other lead generation sources provide the same leads to 3-5+ other businesses and you wind up chasing the lead.
  • High Retention Rate-current clients love the service and continue with us.

What to expect from our Power Business Builder Program

  • Businesses have learned that trying to rank high on search engine pages in medium to large cities for a given keyword with a large number of competing websites is almost impossible.
  • In a great many cases, keyword competition is so intense that it could take many months, or even years to show results with other SEO companies.
  • Then, of course, you must hope that Google doesn’t come up with an update that drops you off the page into oblivion.
  • That is, UNLESS you are our customer.
  • Our Search Engine Keyword Results (SEKR) Platform is a proprietary technology and is immune to Google updates.
  • Our clients always enjoy ranking on page 1 of Google—not for just 1 keyword, but for 15, 30 or 50 keywords.
  • Market Limits-We serve one service type in your coverage area
  • Direct call from our lead generation platform
  • Online access and reporting daily of calls and ranking
  • No Minimum order
  • You are invoiced at the end of each 30 day billing cycle for quality leads delivered
  • Not happy with a lead? Just let us know and we won’t count it!
  • You may cancel your program at any time after the initial campaign-renewals are NOT automatic

We Get the Job Done When No One Else Can

  • Most SEO companies will not try to rank keywords when there are more than 40,000 competing websites.
  • It could take years to get page 1 rankings in higher competition markets using the obsolete methods of most SEO companies.
  • If you want to get your phone to ring, you MUST compete for very competitive keywords.
  • We get the job done when no one else can, no matter how intense the competition.

How Do We Deliver Leads To Your Business?

  • Videos can be ranked in Google search results quickly if you know video keyword ranking techniques.
  • There is a higher engagement rate with videos and social media.
  • We will rank highly optimized landing pages on Google using our proprietary Search Engine Keyword Ranking Platform (SEKR).
  • We will rank videos on Google and YouTube that include a tracking phone number.
  • We will dominate each keyword phrase on Google search with our proprietary SEKR Platform.
  • Each video on Google can generate 10-20+ calls/month depending on the number of monthly searches for the keyword phrase in your location.
  • Social posting on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites can generate 25-50+ calls/month depending on the number of monthly searches for the keyword phrase in your location.
  • We create and post multiple videos and social posts for each client that are keyword and geotargeted.
  • Completely scalable
  • We optimize the video on Facebook and other social networking sites and video hosting sites.
  • Our proprietary Search Engine Keyword Ranking (SEKR) Platform gets the job done at record speed.
  • Not only will we place you on page 1 of Google quickly, we will keep you there.
  • Can you image what would happen to your competition when you are dominating 15, 30 or 50 keywords on page 1 of Google?
  • *90 % of users say “SEEING A VIDEO” about a service or product is helpful in their decision process.
  • *Viewers Retain 95% of a message by WATCHING VIDEOS!
  • *After a Video is Viewed, 64% of online viewers are more likely to want, and ask about, your services!
  • People talk about your type of service on social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter. We listen and engage.
    (*Google, 2015 Survey)

SECURE STAYING POWER: Immunity From Google Updates

Because our proprietary SEKR Platform technology is “Google-friendly”, Google has no reason to penalize your keywords.

  • Your landing page and video rankings remain on page 1 of Google, while your competition may fall off at any time due to Google updates.
  • We continue to process your keywords through our system, ADDING more rankings on page 1 resulting in your dominating the pages for all of your keywords.

RESULTS--> More rankings=more calls=more customers=more $$$!


  • Over time, on most keywords, your business can achieve MULTIPLE page 1 positions for the SAME keyword in BOTH the organic search results AND the video search results. Expect to dominate the search results over your competition.
  • We offer keyword exclusivity.

Have you ever heard of any business having 15, 30 or 50 keywords on page 1 of Google?

Only our clients have.

We are so confident in our Business Lead Generation Program that you do not pay us anything UNTIL YOU GET QUALITY LEADS CALLING.

Before You Say “How Much?” or “I Can’t Afford It”…

SEO customers typically pay thousands of dollars ($1,000s +) every month and HOPE they can show up on page 1 of Google in 6 plus months for 1 or 2 keywords.

  • Most never get there, and the ones that do don’t last very long.
  • They also try to rank for low competition keywords that have little to no traffic.
  • The more keywords that you have ranking on page 1 of Google, the more your phone will ring.
  • Our rankings do not disappear.
  • Google AdWords and bidding model Pay Per Call campaigns can cost thousands of dollars per month with runaway costs and high management fees.
  • PPC and bidding model Pay Per Call costs are dependent on your service type and location.
  • ROI is unpredictable and usually very low regardless of what those PPC Experts claim. It is how Google makes its billions in profits every year.
  • Our fees are fixed per keyword:
    • We track and record calls to measure ROI.
    • We only charge for quality calls.
    • Our search assets are designed for conversion.

How long would it take to dominate your local market with high competition keywords using SEO services?

  • If you’re lucky, years. Google updates will keep wiping out your progress.
  • How much would your SEO campaigns cost?
  • What would the ROI be from your SEO campaign?
  • Would they remain after the over 200 annual Google algorithm updates?
  • How much would it cost to run AdWords campaigns to get the number of call you need to grow your business?
  • Can you keep up with the escalating fees for AdWords and bid type Pay Per Click programs?
  • What would the ROI be from those AdWord and bid based Pay Per Click campaigns?


KNOW what you’re losing by not dominating Google for your search terms?

Get started before your competition does. We have limited room for many locations.

Let’s Get Started!

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