Business Financing

Payment Method for Your Customers

Are you losing revenue because customers have no money to pay?

Are you tired of accepting less than your full fee?

Are you stuck with uncollected accounts receivable?

These are the most common everyday complaints being made by business owners just like you every day.  Much too often business owners are in the difficult position of turning away a customer because they cannot afford your services or products.  It is particularly difficult if that person is a former customer or referral.

You can now help your customers by offering flexible, extended payment terms.  There are countless people that require your product or service, but lack the means to pay you.

Do any of these challenges ring a bell for your business?

  • Do you need to convert more browsers to customers?
  • Do customers want to retain your services or buy your products but don't have the means to pay?
  • Is in-house financing burdensome and making your business an accounting nightmare?
  • How many customers would you have if there was a service that would fund your business?
  • Tired of the risk and costs of in-house financing?
  • Tired of chasing late paying accounts?
  • Tired of costly collection fees with slow pays?

Why Choose Us?

Here's why:

  • OUR VENDORS WILL APPROVE MORE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS FOR  YOUR SERVICES OR PRODUCTS than the “other guys” who approve less than 50% of your customers
  • Our vendors are 3rd party funding organizations
  • Your customer is funded NOT you
  • No risk or recourse to your business-Once your customer pays you, the lender worries about collecting
  • Flexible payment plans for your customers

Loan amounts from $1,000 to $35,000 with NO recourse to your business.  These personal loans fund the customer, which takes your business out of the equation.

With the largest networks of lenders available it means the best chance of getting the loan your customers need.

Just refer your customers to fill out the loan application and they can be funded within 24 hours.  There is no recourse to your business because your business isn’t involved in the process at all.  It is simply a personal loan for them to pay for your product or service.

Easy To Use

Customers are directed to a secure portal to apply.


You may already be using another company for your loans.  They typically approve less than 50% of your applicants.  Now close to 90% of your customers will be approved.

AND there are no variable processing fees that potentially cut into your profits.

More Approvals?

Did we mention that our vendors have over 100 lenders on their lending platforms and they can fund customers with credit scores down to a 520 with loans up to $35,000.  They also offer a cash advance to your customers that don’t qualify for a loan.  As a business owner, who wouldn’t rather have a “paid in full customer” over a “payment plan customer"?

FINALLY – You can increase your customer base

You can quickly build your business, enjoying a new revenue stream of customers that were unable to afford your service or products. NO risk, NO loss and NO hassles.

The goal of this program is to help our clients build their business by providing a source of new customers that could previously not afford their services.

You’ll have dedicated account manager you know by name. Reach them via phone, chat or email. Imagine that.

Email us today and let us jump start your business with our financing program.  Better yet, call one of our Financing Experts at 855-943-8736.