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Why Local Businesses Need Video Marketing

In a lot of companies, and especially smaller businesses, video marketing represents little more than an afterthought on a wish list. Certainly, there are a lot of companies that would like to attract buyers via clips on YouTube, social networks, or their company website, but they feel like they don’t have the resources or expertise needed.

Video Marketing

At BusinessCreator, we do everything we can to dispel this myth. Not only is online video marketing very effective for attracting customers within your local area, it’s also surprisingly easy and affordable to set up. In fact, many of the obstacles that business owners think are keeping them from using online video are actually imaginary. All you need to get started is an idea, script, and access to some decent cameras and editing equipment. Our team can help you with every phase of the project.

More importantly, once you do have online marketing videos you can use, you’ll be amazed at how they can help you attract customers locally. Why? Here are just a few things to consider:

1. Video marketing gives you another point of contact. Although you certainly can find lots of buyers through Google and the other search engines, not to mention social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, it only makes sense to have as many avenues open as possible. Having online videos gives you access to more sites, but it also boosts your search and social profiles, as well. That means a brand-new marketing channel, plus better search engine rankings for the ones you already use.

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2. Some buyers prefer video to text or images. If you’re one of the millions of people who goes to YouTube every day, you already know that lots of men and women – including many of your buyers – prefer video to standard text and images. Plus, numerous studies have shown that video is more memorable than other communication formats, so what you put online could make a stronger impression on potential customers.

3. Video marketing is more personal. Because most videos have business owners speaking, or at least shots of employees and facilities, they tend to be much more personal than websites, which could be filled with marketing messages and stock images. That gives you a big edge when you’re trying to attract customers from your local area, because they can get a sense of who you are before they ever decide to do business with you. In other words, online marketing videos give you a way to let customers be comfortable with you before they ever meet you.

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Why Local Businesses Need Video Marketing
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Why Local Businesses Need Video Marketing
Online video marketing very effective for attracting customers within your local area, it's also surprisingly easy and affordable to set up.
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