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Local Business Owners: How to Tackle Search Engine Updates and Generate Leads

Internet marketers focus on search engine updates, social media platform updates, and various online paid advertisements full-time.  Google Search is notorious for providing confusing or somewhat cryptic clues for businesses to achieve superior rankings.  Internet marketing is fast-paced, dynamic, and often highly reactionary.   It does not have to be that way.  Small business owners can contact an internet marketing specialist for ongoing consultation.  Or, small business owners can outsource internet marketing campaigns altogether.  BusinessCreatorPlus was designed to help small business owners maximize lead generation.

Can You Succeed Online While Ignoring Search Updates?

Many search engine updates encourage best practices in online marketing.  Below is a short list of items search engine updates commonly address:

  • 404 errors on web pages.  Make sure your site is fully-functional.
  • Combating spam.  Resist the urge to bother your customers. When in doubt, use common sense to determine what might be determined “spam-y.”
  • Misleading information.  Search relevancy arguably helps businesses as much as it helps searchers.  Connect with the right audience instead of anyone that browses the web.

Engage in best practices, and search engine updates should not be a problem.

Prime Example:  Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm

Google released Hummingbird a few months ago, an algorithm update that many considered a new algorithm.  Google Search as local businesses know it did not change.  Many Google Search users did not notice the change.  A few SEOs did not appreciate extensive limitations on keyword research, but that is already old news.  The Panda and Penguin updates gained a fairly similar reaction from the online community as a whole.  SEOs were nervous, sites that were full of spam were dinged, and honest online marketing efforts by businesses remained intact.

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Focus on Your Business and Your Brand

Most business owners have better things to do than worry about search engine and social media updates.  Focus on your business, connect with your target audience, and seek some outside advice if needed.  Everything will be fine, even with frequent updates.  The BusinessCreatorPlus Lead Generation Program from BusinessCreator, Inc.  will include everything you need to generate leads, drive ROI, and forget about search engine updates.

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How to Tackle Search Engine Updates and Generate Leads
BusinessCreatorPlus was designed to help small business owners maximize lead generation.
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