Rapid Results Leads-Lead Generation

Drive More Phone Calls With Our Rapid Results Lead Generation Program

Anyone can promise you leads.  Our promise is MONEY!

Rapid Results Leads-Your Phone Will Start To Ring Almost As Soon As We Get Your Campaign Started

Get a Steady (and Growing!) Stream of Local, Verified Leads Direct to You

Client Average: 28.875 verified leads in the first month!

Growing in Quantity & Quality As Campaign Matures

Average Client ROI=10x!

Numbers based on over 90 active client campaigns over the last 24 months

What is our Rapid Results Lead Generation Program?

Anyone can promise you a lead as they define it.  Our promise is NOT leads-it’s MONEY!

  • Fixed Campaign Fee (No Per Call Fee!)
  • About 20 verified leads your first month, growing steadily in volume and quality as your marketing campaign matures
  • We invest our money upfront along with yours to help you succeed faster!
  • We track leads to the dollar ($) not just calls
  • Fee depends on your service and location and is scalable to increase the number of leads generated by your campaign
  • Exclusive leads-each lead is only sent to one business!
  • No chasing leads like other lead generation programs
  • Instant Verified Lead Delivery: it’s a first-time communication, seeking your specific services in your target market
  • Online custom lead dashboard access so you can easily view your leads & track your marketing ROI anytime
  • Market Limits-We serve ONLY ONE business type in your marketing area
  • Direct call from our lead generation platform
  • Online access and daily reporting
  • No limit to the number of leads
  • Real Time Calls, Email, and Text Leads
  • Verified Lead Recording & Reporting
  • Optimized Website Included FREE

How Do We Generate Leads For Your Business?

All-inclusive online marketing approach including paid ads, SEO, local maps listing, mobile targeting, & more for maximum business visibility.

The genius of this strategy is that you dominate search on multiple channels for “money”  keyword terms, the keywords that bring in the highest quality leads.

Holistic approach to lead generation specifically designed for small businesses-utilizes our expert skills:

    • Former Google AdWords Employee (12 years) is our Digital Display Ad Team Leader
      (Google national trainer on AdWords to AdWords Agencies/Experts)
    • Programmatic Digital Display setup and management
      (most efficient method to manage digital display programs for maximum call volume)
    • Digital Display and PPC campaigns optimized for Phone Calls
    • Digital Display and PPC campaigns optimized for mobile
    • Mobile Campaigns-generating 40% of all conversions!
    • Mobile campaigns are optimized for voice search
    • Local Maps Management
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Effective ad display creation for maximum conversion
    • Display Ad Retargeting
      • Real time display ad bidding platform
        • Access to approximately 99% of all websites that supply ads on Ad Exchange Networks
        • Platform ties into over 90 different publisher exchanges
Unique Tracking Number
    • Calls are recorded
    • Daily reports and access to the call tracking portal
  • Custom website targeted to practice area and zip codes of your coverage area

Would You Like To Start Generating New High Quality Leads For Your Business From People Searching The Internet Looking For Your Specific Service?

It’s common knowledge that in order to grow your firm in today’s online world, you MUST be generating new high quality Internet leads (that turn into clients) for your business.

If you are not currently generating leads from the Internet, then it’s time you stop missing out, and start getting in on the most powerful marketing outlet in the world.

Accelerated Campaign Launch

Both our clients and our research shows that our SEO competitors typically don’t deliver even a single lead until 30, 60, or even 90 days into their lead generation campaign. We focus on delivering a positive return on investment as soon as possible, so you can start growing your business sooner. By streamlining our processes and systems, we start delivering steady business leads in as little as 2 weeks.

Verified Local Leads

BusinessCreator delivers ‘Verified Local Leads’ direct to your phone. Our lead verification process helps us determine which leads are from actual people looking for your services, located in your target market. This allows us to exclude calls from telemarketers, existing clients, and spam from your lead counts. Access to your Lead Manager Dashboard means that you can monitor your leads or listen to call recordings anytime, day or night.

Immediate Lead Delivery

When a new prospect contacts you, they often are in need of immediate assistance. All of your leads are instantly delivered directly to you either as a phone call to your preferred business line or as an email from form completions. Unlike other lead generation firms, we never have our clients compete for the same lead. Although your leads are yours alone, a timely response is still paramount to converting them to a client.

Conversion Training & Guidance

Our top priority is building a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. Our online training database full of articles, scripts, and tips is available to help you overcome your unique business obstacles to success, or we provide free, personalized business consulting to our clients. We assist with both identification of areas of concern, as well as formulating a strategy to get your business back on track.

Our Campaign Objective


prospects and clients searching for your services online.

Phone Call

the number of phone calls, appointment requests, and leads for your law firm.

Monitor Results

and improve your investment return with monthly proof of performance reports.

How it’s done…



We create a FREE conversion optimized mobile friendly website based on 20+ years of testing and data analysis that is proven to turn visitors into leads.


We drive traffic looking specifically for your service to your new website from sources including search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, and display advertising.


We analyze your sales calls with you to optimize your process of taking a prospect from lead to client. We employ systems to follow up with won clients to generate positive reviews.

Expert Content Creation

Our professional, published writers will produce new content for use on the free website we have created. This content will be laser focused on selling your service and will drive visitors to your goals.

Call Tracking

We employ a proprietary system that allows us to pinpoint the exact number of verified lead calls our marketing generates for your business. We can even provide recordings so you can monitor the quality of your phone support or verify the leads for yourself.

Analytical Reporting

You will receive monthly lead reports detailing the verified leads we have sent to you that month. Campaigns are monitored daily, and unanswered call alerts are sent immediately via email so you never miss an opportunity to win a new client.

The latest technology

  • Programmatic Search & Display
  • Click to call ads
  • Mobile landing pages
  • Location extensions
  • Site Retargeting

Great relationships

Google Partner

Facebook Marketing Partner

Phone calls Phone Calls



Search advertising

Consumer searches for “roof repair”, your business appears, encourages phone caller to speak with your staff and make appointment.

Display advertising

Consumer is reading a blog on home repair and your business appears with a click to call for an appointment

Review extensions

We include third-party reviews in your search ads.

Location extensions

Help consumers find your business when they search for any of your services on mobile devices.

Over 50% of consumers search locations online and visit within the day!

Site Retargeting

  • A user visits a website—but leaves without converting.
  • As the user performs other online activities, relevant ads from your website appear.
  • Upon clicking through the ad, the user returns to your website—and converts!

Every call recorded & transcribed

  • Call tracking Intelligence to improve process and performance.
  • Track inbound conversations, recorded and transcribed with keyword tags. Identify trends and uncover intent to take action.
  • Refine call handling and track investment through keyword mentions.
  • We optimize ads that convert to calls.

Optimized Mobile landing pages and display ads!

  • Increase conversion rate
  • Increase click thru rate

What to expect, when you move forward

Complete a campaign discovery session.

  • Determine your goals and the value of a new customer.
  • Determine what you would like to promote.

Have your campaign up & running within 5-7 business days of completing the above.

If you’d like to discuss how you can benefit from people in your area searching for your type of business on the internet, then give us a call today so we can learn more about your business and exactly what type of potential clients you are most interested in.

This is an opportunity for you to DRAMATICALLY grow your business with new clients that SPECIFICALLY searched for your services online!

How To Get Started?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level of online marketing?
Are you ready to give up the wasted dollars spent on your print ads?
Are you ready to talk to one of our Digital Marketing Experts?

If you can handle at least 1-2 new highly qualified leads per day, we should definitely talk.

You can give me a call directly at 855-943-8736 ext. 101 and we will explain how we can drive the same results for your business.  The call is painless.  We ask a few fundamental questions, do our research to determine if you qualify for our program, and if you do, we schedule a second call to review the process and fee.