Increasing the Mobile Presence of Your Law Firm

The vast majority of Internet searches are performed on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, which means that mobile optimization cannot be overlooked. In fact, 70 percent of mobile searchers will call a business directly from search results. Being high up in Google search rankings and having contact details clearly accessible on your mobile Website are vital to your law firm’s mobile presence. Make sure that your site has clear calls to action, easy to read Web fonts, and is optimized for all screen sizes.

Mobile Marketing

Improving Performance on Your Mobile Site

Does your law firm’s Website have a mobile version? If so, have you checked the analytics to determine how many phone calls or clients it generates? It is estimated that 31 percent of online legal traffic comes from mobile searches, so the number of missed opportunities can be substantial.

An uncomplicated approach to enhance performance on your mobile site includes substituting a text-heavy home page with action buttons positioned across the top of the screen. The advantages include:

  • Encourage visitors to quickly reach your firm with one-click calling
  • Support specific sectors and focus on industry proven expertise
  • Allow visitors from the non-English speaking market to obtain information

The distinction to make is between a mobile-enabled Website and a mobile-optimized Website. Modifying your current Website just to display on a mobile screen is not enough to be effective. Frequently you need to place greater emphasis on mobile usability and contact alternatives. This enables your firm to deliver an unparalleled mobile experience to your visitors, which in turn can generate a growing supply of leads.

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Optimize for Mobile Devices

In addition to creating a Website that can be found by your potential clients, you also want to make sure your mobile site is optimized. The slower Internet speeds and smaller screen on mobile devices require streamlining of mobile Websites with trouble-free navigation, uncomplicated features, and relevant data. Ensuring that your Website is optimized for mobile devices affords your law firm the following advantages:

  • Facilitates maximizing your online visibility by expanding your mobile footprint
  • Allows you to connect with prospective clients who are searching for legal help on their smartphones or tablets
  • Projects a dynamic and knowledgeable presence on your mobile Website

With 95 percent of smartphone owners using their devices to search for local information, it’s imperative that when they find your site they have the ability to get the information they need quickly and effortlessly. Utilize click-to-call buttons, create a site that automatically resizes for a variety of mobile devices, and ensure that the pages load fast.

Providing Mobile-Friendly Legal Services

Many people search for lawyers on their smartphones. Your Website must be mobile-friendly because a growing number of potential clients are using them to search for legal services. If you are not delivering a suitable mobile experience, you will lose current and future clients.

So if over one-third of law firm Website traffic comes from mobile devices, why wouldn’t you want a Web presence optimized around a mobile-friendly user experience? It’s not enough to just have a mobile Website. Your mobile experience must impress prospective clients because your competitors are only a few clicks away.

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The Importance of Increasing the Mobile Presence of Your Law Firm
Article Name
The Importance of Increasing the Mobile Presence of Your Law Firm
Being high up in Google search rankings and having contact details clearly accessible on your mobile Website are vital to your law firm's mobile presence.
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