The Importance of Blogs to Increase Your Law Firm’s Google Rankings

Your law firm’s website is optimized with the right types of pages, the correct language, and it is enhanced with engaging and interesting videos. However, your Google rankings are static and you are not sure why. One possible reason is that your online marketing presence requires dynamic engagement that you constantly update.


An ideal approach to make sure that happens is to include a blog as a part of your firm’s website. Following are the top four reasons that blogs can increase your law firm’s Google rankings.

1. Blog posts encourage a personal level of engagement that is not available on a Web page. Relationships are what set attorneys apart from their competition when a client is searching for representation. Additionally, a prospective client is more likely to prefer an attorney they feel they can trust and who understands their problems. A blog adds dimension in a way a Website cannot.
2. Blog posts extend a way to attract visitors to your law firm’s Website and boost search engine rankings. Adding a blog to your site and updating it regularly is a phenomenal approach to direct traffic to your site. By including a blog on your site, you can dramatically increase the number of quality, content-filled pages your site contains to push your firm to the top of search engine results. For the purposes of Google rankings, activity matters. Post regularly, and you’ll climb those rankings quickly.
3. Regular blog posts allow junior attorneys to practice developing their skills and talents. Blogging is an exceptional technique to create firm-wide attorney involvement in your mission and marketing strategies. By encouraging your lawyers and associates to post frequent blog entries, you provide them with an opportunity to grow their reputation, and by extension, your firm’s standing and good name. You’re also empowering them to participate in practice development. The law firms that promote blogging have proactive, forward-thinking lawyers who are encouraged by their firms to seek improvement through business development creatively and uniquely, such as online through blogging.
4. A blog permits you to be at the heart of major, current issues. Even if you don’t think that your blog posts will have a global influence, by regularly posting on your topic of expertise you may find clients and colleagues frequently trusting you when they have a problem that requires a solution.

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A well-run marketing campaign that includes publicizing its blog will also boost and strengthen action on your site.

Benefits of a Law Firm Blog

Law firm blogs are a highly effective way to bring visitors to your Website and improve your Google ranking. One useful advantage is that the blog entries become independently searchable. Additionally, when you build a law blog you can organize posts by categories to allow visitors to find the information they need, and more importantly, to allow search engines to understand your content. This ensures you a better chance of ranking higher on specific topics. Blogs also allow you to link to other pages within your firm’s Website.

Overall, blogs can establish your authority, grow your firm’s name, and garner some excellent exposure for your younger associates. Furthermore, it will likely improve your law firm’s Google search ranking.

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The Importance of Blogs to Increase Your Law Firm’s Google Rankings
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The Importance of Blogs to Increase Your Law Firm’s Google Rankings
Law firm blogs are a highly effective way to bring visitors to your Website and improve your Google ranking.
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