How Your Firm’s Internet Presence Can Beat Out the Competition

There are probably several other law firms in your area, more than a few of which might specialize in the same area of law as you. Rather than altering your prices or services to beat out the competition, you’ll be better off focusing on your firm’s online presence and letting it take care of stomping out your competitors for you.

Be the Best at What You Do

The key to improving your internet presence is to present yours as the most well informed, reputable and credible law firm in your geographic area. Your clients trust you to take care of them and properly handle their cases. They’re essentially putting their lives, futures and finances in your hands. If anything about your online presence seems untrustworthy or makes potential clients uneasy, you might as well call one of your competitors and tell them you’re sending them some business.

Polish Up Your Website

The very first thing you want to do when improving your firm’s online presence is make sure your website looks as professional and personable as possible. Take a look at the sites of some of the leading law firms to see how they arrange information, the tabs included on the site and the media they have throughout the site. Have a professional give your website a facelift if it needs it and make sure everything on your site works as it should.

Pay Attention to Your Personal Brand

Whether you’re the only lawyer at your firm or if you have partners, you’ll want to have a personal brand that’s separate from yet complementary to the firm’s brand. As you’re scouring search engines to see what pops up when you type in your firm’s name, do the same with your name. It’s a good idea to have a LinkedIn profile that displays your area of legal expertise, a summary of what you can do and have done for your clients, your professional accomplishments, and client recommendations. It’s also a good idea to have a professional headshot to display on your profile and your site.

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Show Off Your Expertise

Give clients a reason to believe you when you say you’re the best divorce, medical or bankruptcy lawyer in the area. Share blog posts, professional articles and free reports that give you credibility. If you’ve written a book or worked with other professionals in the industry, be sure that information is on your site and easy to find. While potential clients might never click on any of the material you share, it’s reassuring to know that it exists and that you’re willing to prove to them why you should represent them.

Focus on Your Location

Be sure your internet presence is focused on your specific geographic location. It doesn’t do you much good to prove to a potential client that you’re a trusted lawyer if that potential client is halfway across the country. Make sure your law firm shows up in local directories and focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and geographic keywords. Additionally, you can join your local chamber of commerce and professional associations and find ways to get involved with your local community.

Rather than focus solely on beating out the competition, focus on building up your law firm and your online reputation. Take care of the smaller and more essential details and the larger ones practically take care of themselves, and that’s something your competition can’t take away.

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How Your Firm’s Internet Presence Can Beat Out the Competition
Focusing on your firm’s online presence and letting it take care of stomping out your competitors for you.
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