How to Improve Your Law Firm’s Website With Video

A well-produced video can be a principal factor in a consumer’s decision to contact a firm. Web videos are one of the most powerful marketing tools online. In fact, YouTube attracts more than 800 million different visitors monthly generates one billion daily views. More than 75 percent of the world watches online videos at least weekly, and more than 50 percent watch them daily.

Video Marketing For Law Firms

Incorporating Video on Your Site

Adding visual components as an essential element of your content marketing strategy have a persuasive impact. It is a simplified method of engaging interest in exclusive online events that you publicize on your blog, such as free webinars. It also helps establish your firm as an expert and generates interest in your brand.

Start by developing an introductory video of the managing partners that showcases expertise. Then post it on the Web, such as YouTube. Only a small portion of the legal marketplace realizes how online video can expand the effectiveness of their Internet presence. This capability is twofold:

  1. Videos significantly boost traffic to your site.

    Web pages incorporating video are 53 times more likely to obtain a listing on page one of Google than text-only pages.

  2. Videos provide exceptional conversion rates.

    Unintentional commitments frequently translate into active ones. That initial action primes your viewers to psychologically accept your message.

The largest component of procuring new clients is establishing trustworthiness and credibility. The intuitive nudge of online video presents the opportunity for you to show viewers what your law firm can do for them.

How Attorneys Can Take Advantage of Online Marketing

Online law firm marketing is a daunting task that requires myriad objectives for success. However, online video of your law firm is one of the most neglected efforts to increase traffic. Video marketing can considerably develop your Internet ubiquity in the following ways:

  • It places your attorneys as trusted authorities.
  • It enables you to communicate with potential clients who comprehend spoken English better than written English.
  • It begins building trust prior to potential clients meeting your lawyers.
  • It stimulates your law firm’s search engine exposure.
  • It adds visual interest to your firm’s Website.
  • It facilitates discussing legal issues in detail and with more emphasis than text only.

Video provides a personal connection, which is something your potential clients need with the enormous amount of online competition.

Valuable Assets Provided by Videos

Internet users trust and revisit sites that frequently use video. In fact, videos create a longer lasting impression on Website visitors by adding an emotional stamp that helps gain their trust. Also, sharing your video on a large number of video sites will help you reach more visitors, which could conceivably bring you new clients. Furthermore, you should consider that videos may increase your search engine optimization results.

Just providing a face and voice for the client should be your principal objective. The best videos provide information to show that your law firm is credible, skilled, reliable and are experts in the community. You can talk about past successes, integrate customer testimonials, and discuss your high level of service. Take your law firm marketing strategy to a new level with online video.

Edward Kundahl, Ph.D., M.B.A.

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How to Improve Your Law Firm’s Website With Video
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How to Improve Your Law Firm’s Website With Video
Online video of your law firm is one of the most neglected efforts to increase traffic. Video marketing can considerably increase your website conversion.
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