How to Fire Up Your B2B Lead Generation Campaigns

Most B2B marketers dream of setting up their websites and automation campaigns so efficiently that they can wake up to find new leads waiting in their inboxes every morning. Most, though, have to settle for using their internet marketing efforts to support direct mail, cold calling, and other traditional sales efforts.

In most cases, it’s because they are missing important ingredients in the inbound lead generation process. They have some ideas about what they can do to attract interested buyers, but their campaigns have gaps. Once those weaknesses are remedied, new leads can begin arriving almost immediately.

If your website isn’t generating inquiries and appointments as quickly as you might like, here are steps you can take today to help fire up your B2B lead generation activity…

Lead Generation For Small Businesses

Start With the Right Website

If your website isn’t impressive, then prospects aren’t going to be impressed. That sounds simple, but it’s something a lot of business owners and sales managers try to overlook. Your website should be clean, well-organized, and (most importantly) enhance your credibility if you want buyers to reach out and contact you.

Aim for the Top (and the Bottom)

Most B2B marketers aim their messaging at decision-makers. That’s a good first step, but remember that CEOs don’t make all the decisions, and they don’t decide on things alone – administrative assistants, department heads, and middle managers all get input. Aim some of your content towards them and you’ll get more leads from researchers and influencers.

Take Your Content Beyond SEO

Search engine optimization and online ads are critically important to B2B lead generation. After all, you can’t have increases unless you have website visits. But, don’t settle for posting simple search-friendly content to your website or blog. Instead, work to become the most authoritative voice in your industry. That will help persuade searchers to contact you after they have found your site.

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Work Your Sales Funnel

Turning website visitors into leads takes a series of small conversions. You have to convince someone to click on your page, to read your content, to take the next step, and so on until they eventually share their contact information. You should always strive to keep this give-and-take moving with a series of enticing calls to action that invite prospects to keep moving forward.

Improve Your Online Reputation

Because many B2B sales involve lots of money and complexity, there is a good chance an interested prospect is going to look you up online before they commit to closing a deal. You should do everything you can to ensure they will see testimonials, online reviews, and social media feedback that makes them want to work with you more.

Automate Responses

You don’t have to automate your sales funnel with scheduled emails and other hands-off tools, but it’s a really good idea. The more you can let prospects get information without your direct input, the more qualified and engaged they’ll be once they finally reach out to you. So, take advantage of tools that make it possible for you to follow up with prospects without the need to pick up the phone or type a personalized message.

Use Analytics to Improve

Even the best B2B lead generation campaigns can always be improved. Study your analytics to see what kinds of content and offers searchers are responding to, test different landing pages, and keep adding new ideas to your website. Over time, you’ll get better and more efficient, meaning you can get a higher number of leads from less expense and activity.

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If you need to sell to other businesses, your website should be an important sales and marketing tool. It can help you target the right buyers 24 hours a day and cultivate them while you and your sales team are working on other things.

To ensure you are getting the most from your website, call us today to schedule a free review of your online marketing campaigns. The BusinessCreator team can evaluate all of your pages and activities and then show you how to find the best way forward.

Edward Kundahl, Ph.D., M.B.A.
BusinessCreator, Inc.

How to Fire Up Your B2B Lead Generation Campaigns
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How to Fire Up Your B2B Lead Generation Campaigns
If your website isn’t generating inquiries and appointments as quickly as you might like, here are steps you can take today to help fire up your B2B lead generation activity.
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