How RankBrain Will Affect Google Search Results

It is always a big deal when Google releases a new algorithm for their organic search results. These are changes that affect thousands of companies and millions of workers across the globe. If you have online business, website or blog, then it is going to affect you, too. There is no escaping the changes that will come from the newest algorithm, which is called RankBrain.

So what exactly is RankBrain and how is it going to affect Google’s search results? More importantly, how is it going to affect you and your current SEO campaign? Unfortunately, as with most algorithm updates, the juicy details are few and far between. Much of it is a left a mystery so that shady marketers cannot take advantage of it.

However, certain Google employees have let some details become known. Enough so that you can make some informed decisions about how it will affect your search results and your marketing campaign. Here is what is known so far about this algorithm and the changes that come with it.

Finally, before getting into the details of what it is, it is important that you know RankBrain is already in place. It has already been implemented and is already having an impact on your search results. Making changes ASAP to conform to the new algorithm is in your best interest.

What Exactly Is RankBrain?

RankBrain is a combination of artificial intelligence with a human backbone. It uses a complex machine learning approach to search results to help users find pages that may be what they are looking for, but may not contain the exact keywords that were searched. In case you aren’t familiar with the term machine learning, it simply refers to a process where a computer or machine is able to teach itself something on its own.

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It does this by converting a huge array of words and phrases into mathematical vectors. When the RankBrain algorithm finds a word on a page that it isn’t familiar with, it uses its machine learning process to decipher the meaning of the word. The learned word is then verified by human intelligence while the system is offline before being fully implemented into the algorithm.

Overall, this will help make the Google search algorithm more accurate. It will be able to more effectively handle new search queries that have not been seen before, as well as find related pages that do not contain exact keyword matches.

Will RankBrain Affect Search Results?

You can expect to see a big impact coming from RankBrain. Chances are, you have already seen changes that have come because of RankBrain even if you didn’t realize it.

You should understand that RankBrain is not an entirely new algorithm in the same sense that Hummingbird is a Google algorithm. Instead, RankBrain is only a component of the larger algorithm. In this way, it is more similar to the PageRank algorithm that has been in use since the 90s.

Not every search query is passed through the RankBrain system. Information that comes from RankBrain is considered a signal. Google uses various signals to accurately rank different pages. Some of the most important signals are the words and the signal that comes from the PageRank algorithm.

Of the hundreds of signals used to rank pages, Google has stated that the RankBrain signal is weighed as the third-most important signal. Unfortunately, Google still will not say what the top two most important signals are. Most marketers assume that links are the most important signal, but that is only speculation.

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The Big Picture

RankBrain might not affect each and every search query, but it will have a lasting impact on SERP results. The difference will come from people who make searches containing obscure keywords or never-before-seen searches.

This might not seem like an important factor, but Google has stated that about 15 percent of their daily queries have never been seen before. That is close to 500 million queries each day that will be affected by RankBrain. Now it is up to you to find ways to include this new system in your pages and content.

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How RankBrain Will Affect Google Search Results
There is no escaping the changes that will come from the newest algorithm, which is called RankBrain.
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