How Do Local Online Marketing and Social Media Work Together?

Even for those of us within the online marketing industry, it’s been amazing to watch how social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest have exploded in recent years. Between all the media attention and staggering numbers, though, one fact often gets lost: Social media marketing is especially important to businesses looking for local customers.

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That’s an easy detail to miss when you’re talking about hundreds of millions of registered users, or hundreds of average visits per month. But, the fact of the matter is that the majority of social media users use these sites to communicate with friends, family members, and colleagues – often asking them for referrals and recommendations in the process. They may even log on from smartphones and tablets, using social sites to find restaurants, entertainment, clothing, and other things they might enjoy.

The point is that local online marketing and social media are tied together very closely. If you feel like you haven’t been making the most of both avenues, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Local fans and followers are generally more engaged with you on social media sites.

Because local buyers already know you, and presumably like your business, they make ideal targets for your social media campaigns. Because of their familiarity and personal interest, they’re the ones most likely to sing your praises, leave positive reviews, and refer you to their family and friends.

It’s easier to create a “viral” marketing effect in your local market.

In the same way, the specials and discounts you promote via social media profiles are probably most applicable to buyers in your local area. And, since they can pass them on to other buyers they know (who probably have similar needs and interests), there is the possibility that you can create a “viral” marketing effect where your campaigns start to spread quickly from one individual or audience to the next.

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Social media marketing is easier to direct when your contacts are local.

More than any other online marketing avenues, social media tends to be about personalities and personal messages. In other words, people don’t just want to see ads, but real communication from one person (or business) to another recipient. Because it’s easier to “take the pulse” of local buyers, it’s easier to connect with them in a meaningful way. That makes all of your social messaging more effective.

You can use social media to drive buyers to a store or retail location.

Big companies struggle to produce consistent results from social media marketing, mainly because it’s hard for them to get people to take specific actions, or to measure the results when they do. However, with your base of local buyers, fans, and subscribers, you’ll have a much easier time bringing them to a retail store or local event. Why not use that advantage to create a bigger turnout for your next sale or seminar?

The team at BusinessCreator can help you create integrated local search, online marketing, and social media campaigns that help bring buyers right to your front door. Call or email us today to see exactly what kind of difference we can make in your business.
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How Do Local Online Marketing and Social Media Work Together?
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How Do Local Online Marketing and Social Media Work Together?
Local online marketing and social media are tied together very closely. Read a few things to keep in mind when looking for local customers.
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