How BusinessCreatorPlus Stacks Up Against Valpak Coupons

Smart business owners and executives like to weigh all of their options carefully, especially when it comes to making decisions about marketing, which can make or break the future of their business. And so, it isn’t surprising that we often run into decision-makers who want to know how our BusinessCreatorPlus® program stacks up against popular Valpak Coupons.

Mobile and Local Search

For those who are familiar with local search and geography-based online marketing, it’s clear that there isn’t any real competition. To show you why, here are four quick reasons you get so much more from us than you ever could from a stack of printed coupons:

1. BusinessCreatorPlus® is more cost-efficient.

To understand why this is true, just consider the number of coupons that show up, unsolicited, at your home every month. How many of them do you even look at, much less save? Local search marketing, on the other hand, is targeted toward men and women who are already looking for a business like yours. That means there is less waste, more follow-through, and a higher return on investment.

2. Online marketing can be changed in an instant.

What happens if you advertise with Valpak and decide you want to try a new message or make a change to your campaign? Making even a simple switch could end up taking weeks, as the coupons are printed well in advance. It doesn’t make sense for most companies to be locked into that kind of advertising strategy. That’s especially true when you consider that your website and online marketing campaigns can be altered in seconds.

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3. BusinessCreatorPlus® reaches the buyers who really matter.

Although both Valpak and BusinessCreatorPlus® target buyers in your geographic area, only one lets you profile which kinds of people you want to spend your money reaching (not to mention which kinds of buyers make poor prospects for your products and services). In every market or industry there is a small percentage of people who represent your very best potential customers. Why not focus your efforts on them?

4. Our plans are less wasteful than printed coupons.

Printed coupons are incredibly wasteful. They waste paper, they waste your customers’ time, and worst of all, they waste your money. Even if you aren’t concerned about doing the right thing for the environment, think about removing unnecessary expenses from your bottom line and getting more from every dollar you spend with BusinessCreatorPlus®.

Before the Internet and local search, advertising platforms like Valpak could be a good way to reach buyers in your area inexpensively. But, with more and more people turning to Google and other online resources – even from smartphones and tablets – inefficient marketing is on its way out the door.

The team at BusinessCreator can help you create integrated local search, online marketing, and social media campaigns that help bring buyers right to your front door. Call or email us today to see exactly what kind of difference we can make in your business.

Edward Kundahl, Ph.D., M.B.A.
BusinessCreator, Inc.

Ed can be reached at (or visit his websites)

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How BusinessCreatorPlus Stacks Up Against Valpak Coupons
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How BusinessCreatorPlus Stacks Up Against Valpak Coupons
Here are four quick reasons you get so much more from us than you ever could from a stack of printed coupons.
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