Google Voice Search-Rank Higher with Local Optimization

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai stated back in May 2016 that the number of searches using mobile phone devices were 20% Google Voice Searches. Further research has shown that there is an increase in the number of people using Google Voice Search apps in the past 12 months than ever before.

Voice Search

With the introduction of virtual assistants such Cortana, Siri, Google Voice Search, Google Home and Echo, speaking rather than typing searches have become more popular. Voice search is growing at a faster rate than type search. You can only expect Voice search to continue growing in the coming years.

What exactly is Google Voice search and why is it popular with local search?

Google Voice search is a new technology that allows people to search news, goods, services or anything on the internet by simply speaking to their mobile devices. It is a hands-free tool that allows you to get information on whatever you’re seeking faster without using your hands. This is especially useful when driving or in a hurry. It gives you immediate local results helping you get what you need fast.
Many people with a smartphone have played with the Google Voice search on their phone and made fun of the inaccuracy of the voice recognition. However, problems with voice recognition have been reduced from a 25% to a mere 8%, and more decrease is expected as the technology improves.

There are further indications that Google Voice Search is in for an increased growth as they look beyond their voice recognition problems to understanding what the user wants when he/she speaks. Improvements that try to analyze the location of the user and the context are expected to further foster the growth of Voice Search.

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Using Local Optimization for Google Voice Search

Research has shown that the queries raised on voice search are mostly aimed at accomplishing something and not at learning as with typed searches. A good example of a voice search is, “where is the nearest chiropractor?” “What is the best nightclub in Las Vegas?” These kinds of questions are the ones that drive the user into buying something immediately and not learning. Making your business appear top in the local search is important and cannot be done by ignoring voice search.

Ways of making your business appear top in local voice searches

Using a natural language in the local content sites

First, you will have to visit the Google Search Console to see and find out what people are asking on your site. This report is crucial to creating a natural language in your content. Take time and think of the ways customers search for your goods and services. What exact words would they use if the search is on Google Assistant apps or if they asked a friend? The words they use should be the natural language that appears on your site. Here a good example of headers that should appear on your local site content;

“Looking for the cheapest dentist in New York? PC dentists are affordable and reliable.”
“Looking for the best Burgers in Salt Lake City? PK Burgers are the best.”

These types of queries and answers are more likely to match what your customers are searching for making you appear on top in the local voice search. When you use the natural language, it becomes easier for search engines to locate you and place you as a top option in the search engine results.

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Make your site Google indexed and Crawlable

The first thing you must ensure is to have your site Indexed by Google. You can’t be found if you’re not enlisted with Google. For your site content to be included in the Google search results, it must be first included in the Google Index. The Google Index is just like the indexes you find in libraries, but here Google lists web pages instead of books. You can visit Google Search Console to find out which pages on your site are found in Google index. You can always create and submit new web pages to be included through the Google Webmaster tools.

Perform a Local optimization with Business Listing and My Business

One thing you will notice is that Google likes to show the near me locations when people search through the mobile devices. People looking for certain goods and services will directly walk into your location when they find you as the nearest option. However, you will not appear on the Google voice search results if you have not optimized your business listing in GMB (Google My Business).

Another important thing you must ensure is managing your business listing. Your phone number, address and business name must always remain consistent and accurate as they appear on the web. This helps legitimize your business online and give a precise location where customers can find you with ease. Doing this greatly improves your business ranking on voice search and apps like virtual assistants.

The Google Voice Search future is now!

You can be at the forefront of the fastest growing voice search by optimizing your voice search now. Big companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft, are heavily investing to make voice search more reliable. The best thing you can do for your business is to show up when potential customers need an immediate solution that you provide.

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Google Voice Search-Rank Higher with Local Optimization
With the introduction of virtual assistants such Cortana, Siri, Google Voice Search, Google Home and Echo, speaking rather than typing searches have become more popular.
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