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Google Releases Fred Algorithm Update

What you need to know!

If you think Google is done with the Panda and Penguin updates, think again! On March 7, Google released an ‘unannounced’ algorithm update causing serious damage to websites having poor user experience. Sites which were affected saw anywhere from a 50% to a 90% drop in their organic traffic from Google overnight!

Some of the websites were ad heavy to the point that the ads interfered with the users ability to digest their content. Other sites were built exclusively to cater to Google’s algorithm and left the actual website visitor frustrated when they landed there from the search results. There were other categories of sites affected that were either part of low-value niche and lead generation sites, engaging in paid links or were simply low quality affiliate sites. The only thing that ALL of them had in common was that they scored low when analysed via Google’s Quality Evaluator Guidelines.

Google hasn’t released a statement and so far the only confirmation from them was a confirmation at SMX that the “Fred” update was a Quality Update as well as a Gary Illyes tweet saying that they won’t deny there was an update.Google Releases Fred Algorithm Update

We decided to run some numbers. Our data set of 3,500+ websites and 240,000+ keywords (local and national) makes it easy for us to get a birds-eye view of how our client campaigns are performing.

Not surprisingly, we were happy to find that this update didn’t have any negative impact on our client campaigns. In fact, we have seen improvement. Most probably, the SEO deliverables which we offer saved our clients. This is another example of how our strategies future-proof your business.

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So, how are we protecting you?

  1. First up, we get the basics right i.e. focusing on On-Site optimization which includes correcting all possible 404 errors, fix duplicate (thin) content on the site, creation of landing pages, etc. Internal blog is also a good addition which we do when allowed.
  2. We do a thorough backlink analysis at the start of the campaign to weed out bad backlinks which can prove to be harmful.
  3. We vary anchor texts to have a proper balance between branded and non-branded links. We also ensure proper link velocity as too many links at a time can be flagged by Google.
  4. We diversify the backlink profile which includes local directories, videos, infographics, informational content, coupons, guest blogs, etc.

So, if you’re hit by “Fred” update OR want to make sure you’re not going to be a likely victim, we can help. Just connect with us and let our professional SEO marketers to do the work for you.

Edward Kundahl, Ph.D., M.B.A.
BusinessCreator, Inc.

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Google Releases Fred Algorithm Update
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Google Releases Fred Algorithm Update
On March 7, Google released an 'unannounced' algorithm update causing serious damage to websites having poor user experience.
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