Google has done it again!!!


Google has done it again!!!   They have been hinting at requiring ALL sites to run under an SSL for security since they changed their own site.

Google-SSL requirement

Google’s promise to favor secure sites in the rankings, and the threat of NON-SECURE-SITE popups scaring away customers, makes the decision to go secure a no-brainer. And, frankly, there are very good reasons like Data Integrity & Authentication for making the switch – even though it isn’t exactly easy to do so.

Google Not Secure Site Scare

And, just like every major change that Google implements, this one will occur in stages.

  1. Stage one: Google begins gradually introducing “the change” into their rankings algorithm. They start tracking early adopters and favoring them ever-so-slightly.
  2. Stage two: By the end of the first year (2014) there’s evidence that Google is favoring the early majority adopters with obviously better rankings. These sites are positioning themselves for sustainably good rankings by complying early with Google’s suggestions.
  3. Stage three: During 2015 it becomes obvious that Google is favoring the late majority adopters with better rankings. These sites will sustainably rank well if they continue to do everything else exactly right.
  4. Stage four: In the third year (2016) Google begins visibly penalizing the laggards. Based upon their history of slow compliance, these sites will mysteriously have difficulty achieving sustainably good rankings going forward.

Right now, we’re at Stage One. And make no mistake, this applies to ALL web pages that depend on ranking well in Google, not just e-commerce pages.

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You may be thinking this is a giant pain-in-the-ass, but…

Think again!

 If you’re a Business Owner with an online presence, you just heard the starting gun in the race to jump ahead of your competition!

Seriously. How exciting is that!

Bear in mind they’ll never tell you this, but Google REMEMBERS EVERYTHING!!! …they know who the early adopters are and they use that as a branding signal — evidence that a site is significant. Early adoption signals brand behavior …but don’t expect they’ll ever tell you that. Why? …because it conflicts with their illusion of an even playing field which we all know, isn’t.

So, if you want to look like a brand, you must do what the brands do…

Act like a brand by complying early with Google’s suggestions.

And going “secure” is probably the biggest EVER brand-indicator “suggestion” that Google has ever, uh, …suggested. And that’s our 20 years of experience telling you this! Bear in mind we’ve been doing this since 1994 and we’ve called every long term trend exactly right!


So, do NOT think of this as a giant PITA (pain-in-the-ass) – think of it as a gift! If you’re a business owner, then it’s Christmas-come-early because …

Your website will rank higher if you adopt and conform early to Google’s change.

And the laggard-sites that resist this change become websites waiting to die.

So, how do you secure your website in compliance with Google’s suggestions? Simple.  Contact us and we can do a site audit and work with you to secure your site.

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Edward Kundahl, Ph.D., M.B.A.
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Google has done it again!!!
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Google has done it again!!!
Google has done it again!!! They have been hinting at requiring ALL sites to run under an SSL for security since they changed their own site.
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