Google Ads App Now Has Ability to Create and Edit Responsive Search Ads via @MattGSouthern

Google Ads App Now Has Ability to Create & Edit Responsive Search Ads

An update to the Google Ads mobile app introduces support for creating and editing responsive search ads.

This update is rolling out to both the Android and iOS versions of the Google Ads mobile app.

Previously, the Google Ads app was only able to pause and enable responsive search ads.

Now, responsive search ads can be created directly in the app. The ads can also be edited using the app, whether created on mobile or desktop.

Google Ads App Now Has Ability to Create & Edit Responsive Search Ads

Wherever you are you’ll have full access to managing responsive search ad campaigns.

Other updates: Managing negative keywords

As part of the latest update to the Google Ads app, users can now manage negative keywords. This capability was previously only available on desktop.

With the latest version of the app, users can:

  • Create, review, and edit negative keywords.
  • Add negative keywords directly from the search query results card (based on the queries that are triggering your ads.)
  • Get recommendations to remove conflicting negative keywords that are preventing some of your keywords from showing ads.

The update is now available to download from your respective app store.



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