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Fine Tuning Your Video SEO

Now that there are a number of tried-and-true strategies for applying the principles of SEO to video content, we can expect to see more people making video content with these principles in mind. Even though the practical considerations of video production will allow the strongest content to rise above the rest, there are bound to be a number of videos created that meet the standard of video SEO but that nonetheless fail to live up to their full potential. Video creators need to be aware of the many small details that go into making a video that rises in the ranks and remains near the top.

Views, Shares, Comments, and Links

Search engines look for content that is likely to be most relevant to the search engine user. A piece of content that has already received numerous page views is likely to be weighted more heavily than a piece of similar content with very few views. Encouraging viewers to like, share, and comment on a video helps make that video into a piece of highly relevant content. This interactive engagement can be accomplished in several ways:

  • Make sure that new video content is shared on all social media networks. Some networks allow users to share links to videos while others allow videos to be displayed directly in the content feed. Either option works well though a displayed video is more likely to motivate views if the preview image is highly engaging.
  • Include share buttons and widgets. These small tools allow video viewers to instantly share the video on their choice of social media network. If widgets are enabled on your blog then the relevant buttons will appear in the correct location.
  • Write a strong, attention-grabbing title and a brief line of introduction. A few words introducing the video will grab the interest of people who encounter it in their content feed. A direct question is a good way to grab the attention of potential viewers. Viewers can also share this content via their own social media account, which will add to the video’s relevance on search engines.
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Driving Traffic to Your Site

To avoid driving traffic to a third party video hosting site instead of your own, it is best to use an embedded video player. This will keep interested viewers on your site instead of providing traffic to other unrelated content.

Once a video has been added to a page on your website you can begin to create the supplementary content that will make it appear relevant and authoritative. Crafting a solid description is the first step. Be direct and concise in your summary and employ SEO content techniques to highlight a couple specific key phrases. Video transcripts also give you the opportunity to use value-laden phrases in text content. Though transcripts are primarily valued by people who are hard of hearing, anyone encountering problem with video playback can simply look at the transcript to get an idea of the contents. Just make sure the transcript is accurate.

The next few years will no doubt see a rise in the use of video content in broader SEO strategies. Understanding how video content can be incorporated into an overarching promotional campaign will help businesses attract the attention they want.

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Article Name
Fine Tuning Your Video SEO
Understanding how video content can be incorporated into an overarching promotional campaign will help businesses attract the attention they want.

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