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Here’s a mind-blowing update from Facebook that will revolutionize your advertising experience with the social media giant.

Marketers using it may get a whopping 34% increase in their click-through rate and a 38% reduction in their cost per purchase.

Facebook Adverts
Facebook has made it so easy for advertisers that you can now benefit without putting much effort. You need not create an ad for each product or every device anymore. Just create a simple ad template and you are done. All you need is to know how to set-up a basic ad campaign & create custom audience and that’s it! You are set to put your store on Facebook ads.

Here’s how.

♦ Upload your product catalogue:
Catalogue/feed is a simple list of products that you would like to advertise on Facebook. It consists of product ID, name, description, landing page URL, image URL, availability and so on. To upload a product catalogue all you need is a ‘Business Manager‘ account along with a power-editor.

♦ Set up your pixel:
Once you are done with product feed upload, it’s time to set-up your tracking pixel. You can directly create your tracking pixel from the ‘Create Custom Audience‘ option on your advertiser account. Once you have created custom audience, place the tracking code on your website with the help of your developer.

♦ Create a dynamic template:
Provide your adverts with a title and use keywords to pull in images, product names and prices more dynamically from your product catalogue. You can also choose to show either a single product or multiple products at once, using the Carousel advert format.

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♦ Run dynamic product adverts:
Facebook users who browse through your products on your website/app, are automatically eligible to see your dynamic product ads. Each ad is specially formatted for your shoppers as per the products that they browse, with keywords, images and more pulled directly from your product catalogue.

To get started, select the ‘Product Catalogue Sales‘ objective in Power Editor or contact BusinessCreator. If you do not have any product feed, you can still go ahead with Carousel Ads.

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Facebook Advertising
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Facebook Advertising
Facebook has made it so easy for advertisers that you can now benefit without putting much effort. You need not create an ad for each product.
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