Do NOT Be Fooled By Fake Claims About Google Ranking

Do NOT be fooled by fake claims.  Do NOT believe claims that state they will “ALWAYS gets Page 1 Rankings On Google” or they won’t charge you.

Is it even Ethical to Guarantee Results?

According to Google…the answer to the question above is “NO”.

Want to know their secret? 

Maybe you already know it.  They use keywords that are easy to rank-the long-tailed keywords that have absolutely no user intent.  Long-tailed keywords are great and we use them…but we use the correct ones.  The terms that people who are ready to take action use.  The keywords with user intent-when a searcher is ready to make a buying decision.  Selecting the correct keywords is about doing the research on how users looking for our type of service search both mobile and desktop.  The charlatans guaranteeing first page results will get you first page ranking-but for words that will NOT make your phone ring; not bring you that next customer, client, or patient.

We have seen these over and over again. The Internet is filled with these types of claims by companies that do not last.  They eventually go out of business.  They don’t last because they don’t perform (yes, they get those useless page one rankings for you, but after a few months you figured out those ranking are NOT converting and just useless site traffic and you fire them).  Others fill their void trying to fool small business owners, uneducated in these matters, into opening up their wallets.  It is what charlatans do-the snake oil salesman of old.  The small business owner will eventually learn and move on to find a legitimate SEO firm.

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They are believable though, aren’t they?  Look behind the curtain and you will find someone who claims to have revolutionary ranking technology, special keyword research tools no one else has, special powers of Google…and you will find someone using tools they purchased on some site making claims about the software that will make these charlatans rich.  I have seen these claims.  If the software is so great, why are they sharing it with the world and not using it to make a fortune doing SEO for small businesses?

Look, SEO is not black magic.  It is trying to understand how the search engines interpret what their users are seeking and respond by making sure the onsite optimization and technical issues and offsite optimization are tuned to be the best answer to the searchers query.  It is trying to understand what Google “sees” as the best site, best business, best solution for their users search needs.

So where does that leave the small business owner new to online marketing or burned by these charlatans claiming pay for performance?  Educate yourself.  Work with search marketing agencies that have been around with a record of helping their clients grow.  Successful Search Marketing Agencies will take a holistic approach to your online marketing needs.  Do not be fooled by those “firms” that claim they can rank you and grow your business in a month.  It is not going to happen in a competitive online space.  No one controls Google ranking except Google.  No one can predict or guarantee first page results, especially in 30 days.

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Now think- with all the work and time and knowledge that goes into the onsite and offsite process of ranking your website for competitive keywords-keywords that real searchers are using to find your type of business-do you really think a legitimate marketing agency would do that and not get paid for their knowledge and labor?

Reputable SEO Firms Don’t Promise Guaranteed Search Engine Rankings! SEO scammers used “guaranteed rankings and traffic” as a slimy catchphrase to lure in uneducated business owners with too-good-to-be-true promises. That association has stained the entire industry and repulsed even businesses that might consider using the “guarantee” label. Just look at some of the questionable messaging used by so-called SEO companies that employ this moniker:

“Our search engine optimization software comes with the latest (or proprietary) technology for helping you achieve guaranteed ranking.”

Many of the SEO companies that do still guarantee rankings have taken the clever tack of guaranteeing a certain number of keywords that they themselves choose. In this fashion, they can select primarily non-competitive terms and have a fairly high rate of success. Whether those keyword rankings provide any serious traffic is another matter altogether.

The Search Engines Expressly Warn Against It

Google’s guidelines on search marketing clearly states:

No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.

Even though the context is meant to put it in a slightly different context (“Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or…”), the messaging comes through very clearly.

Rankings are a Poor Metric for Overall Performance

Rankings do not equal traffic. A great SEO campaign should be measured by the increase in search engine traffic and (if the contract also includes site optimization for conversions) the rate at which that traffic performs the desired actions on your site. Achieving rankings is (almost) always a means to an end and not the end itself.

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We always focus on increasing business rather than any particular term. The real value comes in the overall increase from keyword phrases that matter and a site that is built for better conversion. In the end, it’s the bottom line that matters most and that’s how it should always be.

So, here you have it.  Don’t buy into the GUARANTEED or WE ONLY CHARGE YOU WHEN WE RANK FOR KEYWORDS pitch.  That pitch will only come from an unethical, fly-by-night firm, who is only after your money.  The salesperson will pitch and run to the next business.

We are here to educate.  If you would like a free web audit or consultation, contact us at 855943-8736 or email us at

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Do NOT Be Fooled By Fake Claims About Google Ranking
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Do NOT Be Fooled By Fake Claims About Google Ranking
Is it even Ethical to Guarantee Results? According to Google…the answer to the question above is “NO”. Want to know their secret? Check out our blog.
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