Digital Marketing For Your Law Firm

If you’re looking to grow your law firm, how about try using digital marketing to reach the people who aren’t otherwise likely to contact you. It sounds daunting, but it’s actually not as difficult as it appears.

Law Firm Marketing

Here are six quick tips to get you started on the road to tapping into the market for unrecognized legal problems.

1. Understanding your potential client’s digital journey

Anyone who has a problem these days goes online to find a solution. A quick Google search is often the first thing (and sometimes the only thing) someone does when they encounter a problem or have an issue. The biggest challenge in tapping into this market is simple: people just need to recognize when a particular problem has a legal remedy. Lawyers need to build awareness that they can help with more than people realize.

2. Building awareness with content

Anyone can easily publish great content on legal topics. Good articles will get shared. If you think you can help people with a particular legal problem, they’ll never know you can help if they’ve never heard of you. But how do people find your content online? Being visible on Google matters, and getting into the world of search engine optimization (SEO) is not nearly as scary as it seems. A few simple pointers will have you being found easily on Google in quick time.

3. Using SEO so clients can find you online

Local search engine optimization (LSEO) for your firm’s website is critical if you want your firm to appear in search results. Local SEO is especially important if your practice deals directly with the public on issues like personal injury, family law or wills. When a potential client searches for a lawyer, you want your law firm at the top of the first page of search results and certainly to be found in the 3-pack. There are no prizes if you end up on page 2 or page 22 of the search results.

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4. Getting your message out with social media

Even if you have the best content you still need to make sure that as many people read it as possible. That’s where social media comes into its own. Make sure you share your content to your target market on the major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at a minimum. With paid promotion you can promote your posts to potential clients using the targeting available. For example with Facebook you can target users by location, gender, age, topics liked, interests and more. LinkedIn and Twitter also have paid promotion options as well.

5. Search Engine Marketing: Are you competing for ad space?

When it comes to advertising on Google, it should come as no surprise that the fiercest competition for ad space appearing next to the search results for specific keyword are law-related, along with keywords relating to insurance, real estate and finance. So, how much are you spending on Google ad space? And how much do you think your competitors are spending? Geotargeting correctly can reduce your AdWords advertising costs.

6. Retargeting: A gentle reminder online

You may not know what retargeting is, but if you’ve ever searched for something online then you no doubt have experienced it. Retargeting works by tracking people who visit your site and then shows your ads to them as they visit other websites. Those ads that seem to follow you wherever you go on the Internet=Retargeting. It’s a tried and true way to convert tire kickers into clients and it can be cheaper to run a retargeting campaign than you may think.

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If all you’re doing is competing in the market of people who know and use lawyers, you’re swimming in the shallow end of the pool. And there’s plenty of sharks in there. There’s so much opportunity to tap into a market that doesn’t even know you exist. Go after them and you’ve got a great chance to win the new work you’re craving.

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Digital Marketing For Your Law Firm
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Digital Marketing For Your Law Firm
If you’re looking to grow your law firm, how about try using digital marketing to reach the people who aren’t otherwise likely to contact you.
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