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Different Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

The ease of using social media sites for personal use often leads small business owners to think that social media marketing campaigns are just as easy.  There is one notable difference:

You need to find a way to drive revenue when using social media marketing for business.

A few social media marketing strategies for small business are listed below:

Build Brand Recognition

Let people know what your brand is, what your brand is all about, and that your brand exists.  Find a way to connect your product or service with something meaningful.  Give audience members a reason to spend time on your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ page.  There is a lot of stuff on social media sites.  Show the social media world what your brand personifies, and slowly build an interested follower base.  Some small businesses choose to stop social media marketing efforts at this point.  One strategy is to simply build brand recognition and gently promote independent brand advocacy.

Drive Conversion Rates

Tell people what you have to offer.  Use social media sites to follow the mantra of e-commerce: make it as easy as possible for a user to complete a purchase.  One way to make purchasing a product or service from an e-commerce site easier is to have a brief post with a link to your product page.   Don’t give interested customers a reason to shop elsewhere.

Increase Credibility

Post a video clip of a token appearance on the local news; post a link to an A-list website you published an article on; or post a news story about your brand.  Turn your brand from an unknown name into a household name.  Use social media networking sites as a platform for good PR.

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Find the Time or the Right Partner

Many business owners prefer to outsource their online marketing efforts.  Contact internet marketing experts at BusinessCreator, and ask about our BusinessCreatorPlus program.  We will handle all aspects of social media marketing for you, from Facebook posts to blogs.

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You need to find a way to drive revenue when using social media marketing for business.
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