Developing Video Content Geared Towards New Clients

When it comes to building up your firm’s reputation and reaching out to a new client base, it’s much better to be seen than it is to be heard. While statistics have shown that online and mobile marketing efforts have drastically increased your ability to generate more traffic to both your website as well as your office, many clients still need to be able to look you in the eye before committing to your services. Trust us when we say that quality video ads are the key to sealing the deal with new clients.Video Marketing

TV vs. Online

This fact may easily lead you to believe that leasing TV ad space is the best way to connect with new clients. Yet recent market trends seem to offer up contradicting facts regarding TV ad content. The costs of advertising across television airwaves have steadily increased over the last few years. Yet during that same period, fewer and fewer people have recognized this form of advertising as the sole reason behind their decisions to choose a certain firm. In fact, when asked to pinpoint what manner of advertising content most influenced their decision, most respondents cited online ads.

So, this many leave you wondering why focus on developing video content when online marketing seems to be generating the most success. The answer is simple: why not do both together? Incorporating video content into your online advertising efforts offers you the chance to enjoy the best benefits of both mediums.

Online Video Benefits

Consider the following benefits that quality online video content offers:

  • The ability to create a following: Studies have shown that those firms willing to give out advice without obligating people to join them as clients are viewed as being more trustworthy. Some keen firms have taken this fact to heart and used online videos to create their own niche channels through which they offer general advice to viewers accompanied by an invitation to learn more.
  • The chance to better incorporate testimonials into marketing: We’ve all heard stories of companies fabricating expert testimony in order to promote a particular product or service. This leaves many prospective clients skeptical of those testimonials that they read. However, if you’re able to get past clients in front of a camera to recount the positive experiences of that they had with your firm, viewers are much more likely to accept the authenticity of their claims.
  • The opportunity to improve upon your SEO rankings: One guaranteed method to improve your rankings in organic web searches is to post video content on your firm’s website. That’s because search engines are designed to place such content that meets the criteria of a keyword search ahead of sites that only meet it with their landing pages.
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An old saying goes that “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” Well, amidst a sea of competing law firms all advertising their services online, if you’re the one that prospective clients are actually able to engage with through video, you can imagine in whom they’ll be more likely to entrust with their legal protection. With years of collective experience between us, our team knows what people are looking for when it comes to advertising video content. We can help ensure that not only will your video get in front of as many eyes as possible, but that it will convey the correct message when viewed.

Edward Kundahl, Ph.D., M.B.A.

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Developing Video Content Geared Towards New Clients
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Developing Video Content Geared Towards New Clients
Quality video ads are the key to sealing the deal with new clients. We can get your video gets in front of as many eyes as possible with the correct message.
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