Comprehensive Internet Marketing Campaigns

Instead of taking a fragmented approach to internet marketing, design a campaign in which social media strategies promote independent brand advocacy, and brand advocates further spread positive PR about your brand on various social media sites.  Invite brand advocates to post guest blogs, and watch site rankings on major search engines improve.  It is important to view a comprehensive internet marketing campaign as one big ball of wax.  It should grow to be sustainable regardless of search engine updates or changes on select social media platforms.

Take a Methodical Approach to Internet Marketing

A few brands have gotten lucky.  They have posted viral videos and experienced an exponential spike in sales almost overnight.  Popular musicians have also broken into the mainstream circuit via social media marketing channels such as YouTube.  It important to recognize how many internet sensations (e.g. Facebook, WordPress, etc.) did not gain popularity overnight.  It almost always takes brands a few years to grow to the point where they obtain large amounts of public recognition and trust.  Start with a plan and a few measureable goals.

What Platforms Get the Best Results

The best internet marketing platforms almost always depend on your business and what your short- and long-term goals are.  Conduct some impromptu market research.  Choose a handful of different marketing channels, and see which ones yield the best results after a set period of time.  Allocate more resources to the marketing channels that do the best.  The number of available marketing platforms can be dizzying, and many business owners opt to outsource internet marketing campaigns to SEO and internet marketing companies.

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Outsource or In-House Internet Marketing?

There is no such thing as cost of customer acquisition that is nonexistent. Many entrepreneurs find that they are too busy running their businesses to take a crash course in SEO and internet marketing.  Partner with lead generation specialists at BusinessCreator.  Our new approach to providing local businesses with comprehensive lead generation services is called BusinessCreatorPlus.  Contact us to learn more today.

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Comprehensive Internet Marketing Campaigns
Our new approach to providing local businesses with comprehensive lead generation services is called BusinessCreatorPlus.
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