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Common Pitfalls of SEO Shortcuts

Ongoing SEO campaigns are increasingly necessary for businesses to succeed.  White hat SEO is a multidimensional, ongoing process that slowly builds online visibility and brand recognition.  One of the primary benefits of white hat SEO is that it involves less risk and higher probability for long-term ROI.  It is always recommended to engage in best practice for SEO as outlined by major search engines to boost rankings and promote positive public perception.

Search Engine Optimization (competitive advantage)

Why SEO is Instrumental in Comprehensive Marketing Campaigns in 2015

Not too long ago, customers had relatively limited access to information for local and global businesses.  Consumer behavior has changed when selecting a product or service provider for a number of reasons.  One of the most important changes to recognize is the ease of using a major search engine.  Instead of dealing with the hassle of a time consuming process involving a phone book, business hours, and access to a landline, consumers in 2013 can quickly find a business that meets their immediate needs by using search engines from smartphones literally in seconds.

Wasted Resources and SEO Shortcuts in Black Hat SEO

Trying to “crack the code” for almost any major search engine overnight is analogous to trying to find a nonexistent pattern for multiple choice answers on admissions tests.  In other words, figuring out the exact algorithms behind Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. is not going to happen in a day or a week.  In fact, it might not happen at all.  Instead, variables that have been proven to have a positive correlation with site rankings such as quality keyword selection, link building, and positive user data can both give your business top site rankings in addition to positive PR.  SEO shortcuts are unlikely to be effective for long, and black hat SEO methods can realistically be detrimental to your overall marketing campaign overnight.

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The Best Way to View Modern SEO

Launching and maintaining a successful white hat SEO campaign takes resources and patience.  However, internet marketing campaigns can have more benefits to your business than top rankings on major search engines alone.  A few notable benefits of a quality SEO campaign include the following:

• Better visibility on influential social media networking sites
• More effective branding and promotion of brand advocacy
• “Word-of-mouth” marketing from genuine brand advocates on social media sites
• Build an active online community or following around a brand
• Drive conversion rates by attracting an interested audience

Building a substantive social media presence, building an online community, and building a notable presence in a niche industry takes more time than inserting thousands of keywords behind HTML code.  However, one of the best ways to ensure the number one ranking on almost any search engine is to encourage searchers to search specifically for the name of your business.

Benefits of Best Practices in SEO Today and in the Long Term

Following SEO best practices is highly unlikely to boost a website to a top ranking overnight.  However, best practices in SEO can maximize ROI in the long-term.  Instead of investing in a quick and risky service, invest in a comprehensive SEO marketing campaign that can boost site rankings in addition to promoting positive PR to maximize return.

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Common Pitfalls of SEO Shortcuts
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Common Pitfalls of SEO Shortcuts
White hat SEO is a multidimensional, ongoing process that slowly builds online visibility and brand recognition and has a higher probability of a good ROI.
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