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Climbing the Ranks with SEO Video

Many business owners are by now familiar with the fundamental techniques of search engine optimization. Though some people were hesitant to make SEO a significant part of their website’s infrastructure, this form of content creation is already having a lasting impact. Even online videos are now incorporating ad words into their indexing structure. This allows video content to be treated as any other form of content that is being optimized for search engine visibility. SEO video allows you to deliver value-rich content to website visitors while simultaneously making your website a lot more accessible.

Is Making Video Content Worthwhile?

If you have conducted any searches lately using your preferred online search engine, you have probably noticed that video files hosted by major sites like YouTube are being returned near the top of the results page. The search engines return these results in part because these items of content have been optimized for search engine visibility through the management of tags, video ad words, descriptions, other elements connected with the video itself. Some of this information is immediately visible to content users while hidden metadata is typically only visible to content creators and to search engine algorithms. Since search engines are programmed to examine both visible and invisible information, well-placed keywords and phrases can instantly boost the relevance of a piece of video content on a search engine’s results page.

What Do People Want to See?

Getting your video content noticed by search engines is only half the battle; you also have to inspire clicks by actual computer users. There are a few characteristics that top SEO video content shares:

  • Informative content: Educate people about what makes the goods or services you offer valuable and important. Tell them what they need to know in order to make an informed purchasing decision.
  • Technical expertise: Choose to work with an experienced videographer and editor to make your content look polished and professional. This will help your business look more authoritative and trustworthy.
  • Short and sweet: You have a very limited window of time to catch and retain your viewer’s interest. Get straight to the point and address the basics of the subject first. Once the fundamentals have been addressed you can include details or direct the viewer to a particular webpage.
  • A video, not a commercial: Even though the ultimate goal of video content is to generate a positive financial return on your advertising investment, you do not have to approach this project with the intention of creating a commercial. Commercials typically lack the informative content that makes SEO video so distinctive. Focus on providing quality content; the clicks will certainly follow.
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Inspiring Further Engagement

Encourage video viewers to like and share your video or to add their comments. This viewer engagement helps drive up a video’s ranking and will help ensure prolonged visibility. Though many video channels engage their viewers through subscription, this strategy is best suited for video makers who intend to centralize their customer interaction via this medium. Unless you plan to have a series of informative videos on a particular subject, encouraging subscribers may not be the right engagement strategy for you.

Video SEO is rapidly becoming a popular method of reaching new audiences. Incorporating video content in your SEO strategy can significantly boost rankings on search engines.

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Climbing the Ranks with SEO Video
Incorporating video content in your SEO strategy can significantly boost rankings on search engines.
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