Can a Small Business Afford to Ignore Mobile Marketing?

Even though most of us consider our smart phones to be the one item we could no longer leave the home without, a surprising number of business owners have been content to ignore the mobile computing revolution so far. They imagine that mobile websites are for big companies with millions of customers and huge budgets… surely they don’t need mobile business websites of their own?

Nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, small businesses need mobile versions of their websites the most.

In case you only think that’s my opinion, consider a few of the biggest reasons to invest in a mobile business web design for your company:

1. Mobile marekting is a huge and still-growing trend. Nearly half of all Internet users in North America are currently using mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. That means that more than half of your customers could be accessing your site with mobile devices.

2. Having a mobile website makes you more valuable to customers. A great mobile business website isn’t just about displaying correctly on smart phones and tablets (although that’s a good start), but also integrating apps and features that make working with you more convenient and your company more profitable.

3. Companies without mobile business websites are falling behind their competitors. Suppose you use an iPhone or Android to access the web. Would you rather work with a company that supported these platforms, or one that didn’t? Given that competition is getting tighter in almost every market and industry, it’s important that every possible advantage is on your side.

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4. Getting a mobile business website isn’t that difficult or expensive. If you’ve been holding off on a mobile business web design because you’re afraid of the investment or time required, then don’t wait any longer. Having a mobile business website designed and developed can be a quick and affordable process.

If you need help putting together a smart and affordable mobile web strategy for 2014, why not reach out to us today and set up a time for a free consultation?

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Can a Small Business Afford to Ignore Mobile Marketing?
Small businesses need mobile versions of their websites the more than larger companies.
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